Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023

Last Updated on January 31, 2023

You live somewhere in America. Following the shiny day, you plan on having a trip with your family or friends in a beautiful place. A trip without prepared food could be nothing but torment for one who is literally a food lover. Just to be sure, which side you choose first? Food or place? Or both? Aside from the conflict relation between meals and place, if you have a keen interest in a jerky, you must want that on a trip. Companies have been worried about people like you who love jerky. How could they deliver you the best meat slicer for jerky which mainly saves both your time and effort at the same time?

Enthusiast people buy meat slicer for jerky. Some buy it to be part of the commercial sector. Whoever this could be buying, the point is they ought to buy it because they need it. On top of that, they love it, jerky which is mesmerizing when eating with the foods and recipes. Making jerky in bare hands is too tricky. Jerky or tenderizer slicer makes it more accessible. Just a few instructions to follow and giving effort can get you strips of jerkies. Of course, you have to pay for getting every good thing that makes your time and effort facile.

Pick-List with Review of 07 Best Meat Slicer for Jerky

Anything within organized builds a straight follow-path on which looking into is what you need to do. That’s the right place for following that kind of path. The path which provides you not only info about the best meat slicer for jerky but also the most valued reviews of them. Let’s roll to the end step by step.

1. Weston 07-3801-W-A Manual Single-Support Jerky Slicer

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 1 Weston 07-3801-W-A Manual Single-Support Jerky Slicer

What do you care the most when it’s about slicing meat for jerky? Everybody wants a product that has simplicity, functionality with a sharp blade, comfortable, and trustworthy. There’s a reason for making this Weston at the top one of the manual jerky slicer. This Weston 073801wa manual single support jerky slicer deserves to be on the top. You will know why.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum Body with Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Construction.
  • 32” Stainless Steel Sharp Blade.
  • Accepts Bulk Meat up to 5 inches Wide and 1.25 inch Thick.
  • Stainless Steel Tongs.
  • 2 pieces Housing Disassembles.
  • C-clamps, up to 2” Thick.
  • Manual Single Support.
  • Chute Dimension: 4 ¾” Wide and 1 ¼” Thick.

The Weston manual jerky slicer captures the ideology of being a perfect slicer for any kind of environment. It comes with an aluminum-coated body with 32” stainless steel sharp blade which enables it slicing through the meat exactly how you wanted e.g., ⅝” thick meat is sliced up to 15 times strip. Turn the handle in order to feed the meat through it and get the sized stripe jerky for drying in an oven, smoking, or dehydrating. Impressive, isn’t it? Actually, it becomes more when you come to know that you can cut meats for steak strips, fajitas, charquican or other recipes.

This single support manual jerky slicer has the capability in accepting meat up to 1 ⅕ inch and 5 inches wide later which it goes in processing. Besides, you may have thought of sliced meat wrapping around the blades. Well, the manufacturer secures the compartment by adjoining the stainless steel combs that prevents the meat from jamming. There’s a stainless steel tong by which you feed the meat into a chute box.

However, the well-design of the handle creates the most comforting cutting. That could be the reason you may fall for the Weston slicer in the first place even though it is a bit expensive other than other meat slicers for jerky. It is lightweight and convenient. Thus, you won’t face any difficulties in cleaning as well. You can easily disassemble this jerky slicer as it has a two-piece housing system. You should remember this isn’t made for cleaning in the dishwasher.

The instruction guide with the product comes in 4 languages and written in pretty straight forward. It surely shows you from how to use a meat slicer to maintenance as well as food safety. This Weston meat jerky slicer is long-lasting and reliable if there is any question about hesitation.



2. American Eagle Food Machinery AE-JS12 1HP Commercial Electric Jerky Slicer

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 2Commercial Electric Jerky Slicer

We put it under the Premium value as it should be. This robust American eagle AEJS12 commercial jerky slicer is really a blessing for the commercial people. A versatile and wholesome meat slicer you might ever have. It possesses heavy duty and also slices the meat for jerky in selective thickness at best. It can be used for almost anything that a recipe may need for various kinds of sliced meat. Let’s roll for the rest.

Key Features:

  • High Polished Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Powerful 1HP Motor with Standard 12 Hub Design.
  • 64 Heavy Duty 2.5” Diameter Knives.
  • Dual Combs Feed Meat Quickly.
  • Slice Meat up to 1” Thick.
  • No Plastic Gear or Combs.
  • Chute Dimension: 1.1 inches by 7 inches.

This well-featured American eagle slicer is the excellent assistance for restaurants, groceries that are basically well known for making various meat recipes. Its strong well structure and built-in commercial features ensure the reliability, durability and versatility. If the product seems more prominent, the details of its advantages can be more that literally could influence you on purchasing.

The heavy-duty American eagle comes with a compact design so that you can place it on a home countertop if you are enough home enthusiasts to buy the product for home use. It slices precisely according to your needs. Throw at this any kind of boneless meat, it is able to make the strips into ¼ ” thickness even if it is tough meat. The electric jerky slicer provides skirt steak, venison, boneless chuck steak, flank steak, chicken or turkey. How does it provide such production?

With a powerful 1hp motor and dual-rotating sharp knives, it slices consistently. The manufacturer adds extra sharpness to the edge of the knife to ensure the best smooth cut. Chut measure method gives you options from 1.1” up to 7” with a view to getting an extra-large sharp. Actually, besides making jerky, it is great for preparing stir fry and marinades.

However, seeing the meat jerky slicer, it seems complicated. The truth is sometimes the more the machine has complexity, the more it has safe maintenance. The American eagle commercial electric jerky slicer can easily be disassembled which secures the safety cleaning.

Better features always cost a high price, this electric jerky slicer has too. The question is, are you willing to go for purchasing this high profile American eagle AEJS12 commercial jerky slicer or go for another product? The choice is in your hands.



3. LEM Products 433TJ 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer and Tenderizer Attachment

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 3LEM Products 433TJ 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer and Tenderizer Attachment

One of the trending and outsmart products in the market. It’s good at jerky slicer as well as a tenderizer. Fruitful features with a powder painted aluminum body feel like it has to be that versatile, useful, and rich quality. Two shafts can work depending on your requirements. It takes meat up to 1.25” thick. Let’s clock around this to know more.

Key Features:

  • Body Made of Powder Painted Aluminum.
  • Slicer Meat up to 1.25 Inches Thick.
  • Slicer Shaft and Tenderizer Shaft.
  • 14 Strips Jerky at a time.
  • Easy-Off Top.
  • Ease of Cleaning.
  • Chute Dimensions: 4-1/2″ x 8 Wide & 1 ¼” Thick.

Lem products jerky slicker with tenderizer attachment is one of the underrated slicers out there in the market. It can use it both ways- slicing jerky thin strips and tenderizing the toughest piece of meat with the given tool which makes it more tender. The features are more reliable when working.

However, LEM products 2-in-1 jerky slicer and tenderizer grinder attachment both make it more useful than anyone ever thought. It provides you up to 14 strips of jerky at a time depending on the meat slicer, ready for the oven or dehydrator within seconds. The handy grinder accessory comes with two separate shafts of different edges. Realizing the types of grinding, they can be used.

No difficulties in cleaning. There is no need for tools to disassemble the machine. Stainless steel knives and tenderizer shafts are durable and efficient at work. Sliced meat from the feed comes uniformly. Blades are not stainless steel so you need to be careful of this while cleaning and drying it out.

The LEM big bite grinders have certain models that are only attached by one of them. Those models are #’s 777, 779, 780, 781, & 78. For LEM older grinders the modes are #’s 535, 536, 538, 538A & 540

But consumers said the blades are really sharp. It would be hard to clean up in bare hands. So, it’s where you might need to be aware.

Overall, the lem products jerky slicer is great at making wild steaks as it has a tenderizer shaft. It can slice up meat up to 1.25” thick which is noticeable compared to other high profile jerky slicers.



4. Weston 01-0103-W 2-Speed Motor Attachment for Manual Cuber/Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 4Weston 01-0103-W 2-Speed Motor Attachment for Manual Cuber

There’s a saying that “For the person for whom small things do not exist, the great is not great.” This Weston 010103W jerky slicer looks small but it’s great, better at slicing meat for jerky or getting strips of jerky or tenderizing the meat. It features two-speed motors and better quality, undoubtedly leads you to finish your work consistently. Best jerky cutter you may ever see. Check the rest.

Key Features:

  • 110v/90W- Two Speed Motors 35rpm and 54rpm.
  • Chrome Plated Adapter.
  • Tested For Safety and Health.
  • Provide a Better Quality.

You need a jerky slicer that must need to be compact size, effective, and able to do your jerky task as well? Let’s add there tenderizing options which are also available. All these wants are completely matched with this Weston manual meat slicer.

Every machine has something sparkling that it can achieve fame at a specific time. As it is a machine, it never differs from that. What sparkling fact is this welson jerky slicer has? Of course, it is an electric unit built in the center unit of the product.

It easily converts a manual jerky slicer or manual tenderizer into an electric one. Therefore, you get a chance to save time and effort. The high speed 90watt motor pushes the production more in the touch of electricity. You can have a lot of jerky strips in this slicer consistently. It is too reliable as it is handy and maintenance expenses its durability.

However, the disassemblement of this welson tenderizer jerky slicer is very easy, no tools you will need. The instructions are easily guided. The meat slicer handles up to 1.25” thickness of meat which is delightful in its size. Consumers have said tenderizing wheels that should be static which are not. They should be adjustable.

Despite giving the best output, the price of this cuber electric meat slicer is less than any other slicers. It easily fits in your budget, moreover, it has the ability to complete your task.



5. Guide Gear 2-in-1 Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 5Guide Gear 2-in-1 Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer

Want to have a slicer that cuts efficiently with uniformity? Then, this guide gear 2-in-1 tenderizer and jerky slicer are totally compatible for you. It performs balance-work both tenderizing and slicing for jerky. Two interchangeable blades keep efficiency and consistency. Check it though, perhaps it’s the one you are looking for.

Key Features:

  • Cast- Aluminum Construction.
  • 2 Sets of Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Accept Meats up to 5” wide and 1.25” inch Thin.
  • Jerky Strips can be thinned as 0.3”.
  • Stainless steel Combo.
    C-clamps for Stability.
  • Disassembles for Easy Cleanup.
  • Chute Measures: 1.25” Thick x 5” Wide.

This guide gear comes in a compact size, preferable on the countertop table. It is constructed with cast-aluminum, which makes it long-lasting. You will get 2 sets of interchangeable stainless steel blades- one to slice for making jerky strips and the other to tenderize your toughest meats. Even, it is good at making cube steak.

However, feeding meat up to 5” inches wide and 1.25” thin to this lightweight guide gear can provide you up to 14 strips of jerky at a time which are thinned 0.3” inch approximately. The built-in stainless steel combo is to prevent the jamming of meat after being sliced up. Crank handles to drop the meat in the chute feed. You must not use hands playing in that role.

It performs excellent if it’s been taken great care of. Maintenance is the key to get the best of any machine. As the blades are sharp, carelessness on cleaning will bring incidents. You should check on that. The price fits in the budget. Get this best jerky slicer, make your slicing easy.



6. LEM 602TJ Electric Two in One Jerky Slicer and Tenderizer

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 6LEM Products 602TJ Electric 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer and Tenderizer

Another LEM products 602TJ electric jerky slicer and tenderizer, it is great at both. It looked like a complex one, yet easily disassembled. It processes everything usual as an electric jerky slicer does but the motor of this LEM products is self-lubricating. You don’t ever need to maintain it.

Key Features:

  • Each Unit comes with LEM 0.35 HP Motor.
  • Body made of Powder Painted Aluminum.
  • Slices Meat up to 1.25 Inches Thick.
  • Easily Disassemble.
  • No Tools or Assembly Required.
  • Self-Lubricating of Motor.
  • Chute Measures: 1 ¼” Thick x 4 ½” x 8” Wide.

This LEM jerky tenderizer slicer is vigorous and productive. Its design and working capability provide you with feeling like a commercial meat slicer. You see, it comes in both as a jerky slicer and a tenderizer with a hotshot quick drying process compared to others.

However, the body is made of powder painted aluminum. It secures longevity, durability, and prevents color from being wiped away. This has each Unit that comes with a 0.35 hp motor. It can slice meat up to 1.25 inches thick with the sharp blades. Chute measurement is already given in the features. It indicates the size of the meat you start opening.

Maintenance is easy to pull up, and can easily be disassembled. On top of that, the motor doesn’t need lubricant as it has a self-lubricant process. The price is less compared to LEM 433TJ jerky slicer. Yet, it can be in your favor if you have a wish to buy this heavy-duty jerky slicer.



7. Weston Realtree Manual Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer

Best Meat Slicer for Jerky with Top Three Picks In 2023 7Weston Realtree Outfitters Manual Meat Tenderizer

Another Weston meat slicer, it almost looks like the previous one that we have reviewed. This Weston Realtree manual slicer almost looks like the Weston manual single support jerky slicer though it comes in white.

Key Features:

  • Quite Better Construction.
  • Crank Handle.
  • Easy to Disassemble.
  • 14 Strips of Jerky.
  • Chute Dimension: 1 ¼”
  • Thick x 4 ¾” Wide.

Well, this Weston manual tenderizer jerky slicer gets the attention for its eye-catching outlook and not to mention about its working efficiency. It’s a quality cuber/jerky slicer. It can provide you ¾” thick cut and give you a better amount of jerky strip at a time.

It comes with both a jerky and tenderizer slicer. Its processing is quite easy. The blades are sharp enough. You don’t need to pressurize the handle. Consumers reported about sliced meat being stuck in the blades. So, they suggested that to get better and smooth sliced jerky, cutting smaller sizes of meat is one of the best tactics to follow.

The opening starts taking meats up to 4 ¾” inches wide and 1.25” inches thick. You will get 14 strips of jerky coming out of the feed. The construction of the hole unit is heavy duty and very stiff while using it to slice.

However, the Weston tenderizer slicer works well. It needs maintenance, the instruction guide will show you the path of how to do that. Realtree manual slicer is well-known for its ease. You can slice chicken meat, won’t be a problem.



Buying Guide: The Pathway of having the Best Meat Slicer for Jerky

If you think the popularity of having jerky on food attracts people, I would say you’re on the wrong track. Jerky has high proteins, low-carb, and obviously a healthy snack which is full of calories. Having it on top of a meal makes the prey more flavorful and nutritious. 

Buying a meat slicer for jerky is tacky. Being new in this sector takes you in a maze of thoughts. That’s why we are here. Why do you be alone to be lost? Let’s be lost together in that maze. Kidding!
It would be tough for anyone new in this buying site. How well can you buy a thing according to your needs? How good is the machine? These questions could be floating around the head if there is no answer to push the suspicious air.

Processing the fat meat, small Strips of sliced meat comes in a uniform which is called jerky. There are many kinds of jerky available in the market. But beef jerky is a popular one as it can optimize the utmost of the flavor. Besides jerky, you would see the tenderize method ingrained in almost all of the meat slicer. 

Yet, you need to marinate the meat so that you can go for tenderizing if it needs. Tenderizing helps you to soften the meat fibers and make it easy to chew while adding flavor to the meat. Then, after having marinated the meat at least for 24 hours, smoking the meat by burning water-soaked hardwood chips would give you the added time to make it flavor like sweet or spicy. After that drying up and packaging will lead you to preserve jerky.

Everybody knows there is more jerky meat rather than beef jerky. Who doesn’t love to have beef jerky? Arguably, its taste is endless compared to all. Say in local or commercial, it becomes one of the top needed products only because of its unique taste. 

Some people could have problems with red beef meat. Let me tell you turkey jerky is a grand gesture for them. Its taste is not as great as beef jerky, yet it can take you on a good trip. 

You should have heard about venison jerky, one that comes from deer meat. The truth is, venison jerky has a separate fanbase. Among them, the special one is hunt loving people. These people tend to have venison sticks than the meat comes in jerky. 

Another popular one is bison jerky meat that comes from buffalo. We know they have low-fat for which its jerky processing takes less time. The taste is too good to be accurate, at least near to the beef jerky, slightly juicy flavor you might get.

Things You Consider Before Buying

In these modern days, going for purchasing any product blindly may affect your satisfaction. Instead of this, looking here at a glance will provide you with enough direction where you must look into.

Manufacture & Design:

You see, the body makes the product durable enough to maintain the harmony between taking working pressure and having the quality of itself. The aluminum cast on the body prevents the dust and stain. Somehow, it secures the longevity of the product if the maintenance is followed up.

The design makes a thing look beautiful. There are jerky meat slicers that may come in various colors or not, sometimes people like to choose regarding their decoration of the kitchen or restaurant. The fact is we don’t go for design if the product is absolutely enlightened with features. So, design revokes people when there are choices.

Single Blade or Dual Blades: 

Meat slicer and blades, there are inter-connected. It’s like a meat slicer that has the sharpest blade that is better than a meat slicer with the high profile motor. Some jerky meat slicers have a single blade and some have dual if there is to tenderize the meat. Many high configured jerky meat slicers have a tenderizing attachment which is done by the grinder that is given with the product or other cases you may need to buy.

Feed Measure & Strip Count: 

There is no such thing as feed measure. We revoke this to understand how much meat that needs to be wide and thick you deliver to the feed? How much does a slicer accept meat? These facts carry the tension you may worry about later. 

Most of the jerky meat slicer follows the same acceptance of meat, so does about strips of jerky. The gathered information of thickness and wide of meat that we input in the feed is essential for knowing how much that could take. In general, every jerky slicer can provide up to 14-15 strips jerky. It isn’t a big deal if your slicer is best at slicing and coming.


Any machine or product without maintenance begins losing its efficiency. If the efficiency slows down the preparation, you don’t get uniform strip jerky at a time or meat could get stuck in the blades. The comb shouldn’t provide its best. See, there are lots of things related to maintenance. How can you clean the machine if it cannot disassemble or it doesn’t have a proper cleaning method? You need to check on that, especially. If it slips, forget about having one of them.


We must cope with what we have and what we need. Most people don’t have enough money to buy whatever he/she needs. Surprisingly, we always tend to obtain our best within a fixed budget. Therefore, you must enlist your requirements and go for purchasing knowing the product first.

Electric Jerky Meat Slicer

We didn’t say anything about this. In the case of electric jerky slicers, there will be a motor, consuming power system, dual blades or big knives, etc. They seem to have no plastic gear or comb. This type of jerky slicer has a low amount of horsepower aka HP but adequate for a slicer. 

Where’s the difference between an electric jerky meat slicer and a non-electrical one? An electric slicer is better at efficiency, productivity and has excellent features than a normal one. The truth is there’s nothing to say particularly because they are all the same except having high price and horsepower on an electric jerky slicer.

  • At first, you need to prepare your meat according to instructions that will give away with the product you buy.
  • The meat needs to be trimmed out of fat, tendon, and bones.
  • Sliced meat must be no larger than the chute measurement. It needs to be checked out.
  • It would be better if the meat is harder than warm. It won’t get stuck when to slice.
    At that point, you need to set up the jerky slicer, insert the combat in its place.
  • Use tongs to keep the meat into the feed box. Don’t do that with bare hands.
    Turning the handles leads you to what you have desired to get.

Simply put, cleaning and maintaining a jerky slicer is easier than you thought. Go on a trip step by step:

  • Disassembling the slicer thoroughly is the first step to cleaning.
  • Wash it with soapy water, rinse it and then dry it.
  • Be cautious about blades as they are very sharp, and can cause the incident.
  • Using a long stem type brush to clean the blade is the best way to prevent injury.
  • Sometimes lubricants are needed to clean out the parts. Therefore, you should use silicone spray, grease to coat all metal parts, avoiding cooking oil which can damage the parts eventually.

Hints for keeping your Best Jerky Slicer safe

  • Make sure your jerky slicer is fully assembled. In rare cases, they aren’t right on the spot.
    Check the gears are all aligned.
  • Use tongs while feeding meat into the chute box.
  • Meat could be jammed in combs if you didn’t notice the correct place of inserting comb.
  • For the electric one, using a long time will somehow lessen the performance, so will the efficiency.
  • Sliced meat must not be larger than the chute measurement which you must follow.

You need to presume that it’s the end of the path. The path of knowing and choosing the best meat slicer for jerky. The buying guide of a jerky meat slicer is a bonus for you. If you read this full and out, we sure you are the one buying the best of the jerky slicer. Buying it or not, you may have a question about anything, any type. Let us know if there is a chance to help you out. Wish you good luck and take care!