Top 5 Best Ninja Blender In 2020

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

There are a lot of brands of blender outside yet you want to buy ninja blenders? The thing is either you have used ninja blender before or you have known about it enough to come to buy a ninja blender. 

Whatever it is, the fact is you come here because you need it. Ninja blender’s performance, affordability, and popularity make you come here and we are sure, it can give you the same expectation that you have expected.

Things to consider:

Before going to buy an electrical or non-electrical product, people always want to know at least about the product for safety. Likely this same law applies here also. 

You must consider some facts or things before going to buy or choose from. Things that needed to be considered are price, power, blending speed, noise, blending cup, function and so on. 

These will be given in detail in the buying guide. So, in case you are a new buyer, it’ll be needed. Don’t be worried about this, be calm when to decide which blender suits your kitchen and stuff.

Reviews Of The Best Ninja Blender in 2020

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food:

Top 5 Best Ninja Blender In 2020 1Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food

Ninja Mega Kitchen is one of the best kitchen appliances now. The BL770 ninja blender can provide you professional use and the 1500W motor power that can slice everything you throw at it. Also, it provides a smooth blending, a better taste, and nutrient extraction.

Product’s Feature:

  • 72 oz. a total crushing pitcher can pulverize ice in a second.
  • XL 8-cup food processor with 1500 watt Auto-iQ base.
  • 64 oz. Processor bowl and two 16 oz. Nutri-ninja cups for smoothies with secured lids.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safety.
  • Auto-spiralizer function.
  • Inspiration guide of 30 recipes.

Short Reviews:

This Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 blender is best for making smoothies and nutrient-rich drinks. This 1500w blender contains 6 buttons- power, single-serve, pulse and gradually dough, blend, and crush buttons. 

This blender’s 72 oz. a pitcher can make better smoothies. But it sometimes faces a problem with processing hard and fibrous ingredients. In this case, you won’t get it utterly smooth. Unlike this fact, this blender can make dessert such as ice-cream, custard, yogurt, etc.

 Another hand, this mega kitchen blender cannot afford to heat any hot liquid for which you can’t make soup unless your soup is pre-cooked. It can knead dough consistently with the help of the food processor and blade. 

However, if you are a coffee lover and want to grind coffee beans in a blender then this mega kitchen blender is not for you, although you can use it for coffee brewing. This blender is enough noisy comparing to other blenders. The fact is, without noise there would be no blender for you.

What provides you best be sure you can endure that also. Some people did mention the single-serve cup which is small in addition to blending for. But it helps to blend well, actually, the more you want to be a liquified drink or smooth mixture the more you need to hold it to blend. Overall, ninja blender used to be called a versatile machine because of its ability to give you the best smooth blending while you need it most, and so does this blender.



2. Ninja Blender/Food Processor (CT682SP) :

Top 5 Best Ninja Blender In 2020 2Ninja Blender/Food Processor (CT682SP)

This blender is our second top choice regarding your necessity for buying a blender. An allrounder, an intelli-sense system with auto spiralizer ninja blender has the capability to blend flawlessly and perfectly with its high power motor and precise blade. It’s a versatile blender in which you can blend whatever you need to blend. Check out the rest.

Product’s Feature:

  • Smart Blender with a powerful sensor base.
  • 12 smart program.
  • Smart Vessel Recognition.
  • Easy to clean, easy to use and most importantly it is durable.
  • 72 oz. pitcher, 64 oz. bowl and 24 oz. single-serve cup.
  • Auto-Spiralizer and dough blade assembly.
  • Dishware safety.

Short Reviews:

This is another model of ninja blender which surely helps you to make your desirable smooth smoothies, soup, cook stuff that need to be blended. Its smart vessel recognition displays a smart menu that shows power, speed, and torque smartly. 

Its food processor has enough power to make the blending in a snap. This Ninja blender CT682sp comes with 4 programs or containers to help you to make such dishes whether according to a recipe or not. The total crushing pitcher will crush the ice to make smoothies or to freeze the dessert. The auto spiralizer will help you to cut the veggie into pieces like noodles. 

The accurate processor is great for chopping vegetables and you can make cookies, pizza dough with the dough attachment. And the rest is blender cup which won’t deny making single-serve drinks or smoothies. You’ll be happy having this for sure.



3. Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610):

Top 5 Best Ninja Blender In 2020 3Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610)

Every time we come up with a new blender or any blender’s new series, there are many reasons and perspectives behind this. This ninja professional blender BL610 has something great to be placed in this best ninja blender list. The simplicity of this blender will satisfy you to use it as a kitchen appliance. Besides, at a low price, it has many useful functionalities.

Product’s Feature:

  • A sleek design and high performance with 1000 watt professional powerful motor.
  • XL 72 oz. blender jar with total crushing technology, mainly for smoothies, ice, and frozen fruit.
  • This simple blender has three buttons to control the speed of blending including power and a pulse button.
  • BPA free and dishware safety.

Short Reviews:

Ninja blender is called to be a versatile blender, a perfect home-kitchen appliance. It has a better exterior and interior. 1000w powerful motor will give you the kind of blend you want from recipes. Simplicity is the key to this blender. It’s so easy to use. Though the container of the blender is plastic, it has a very sharp blade that blends thoroughly. 

Fact is, using the blender every day, within a year this blender’s blade will be getting dull as the ninja blender relies on the blade. And yet, this blender gives to the cook great smoothies, ice-crushing, blending and pureeing. High-quality blender of Ninja blender can generate heat while blending but this one doesn’t generate. 

It will not be a great choice for a soup lover. It greatly blends fibrous veggies and other cool stuff. Use dishware safety to clean the blender. The lid lock-system of this blender is secure enough for blending. It happens to be placed in people’s choice list because of its better performance at a lower price.



4. Nutri ninja blender duo with auto-IQ (BL642):

Top 5 Best Ninja Blender In 2020 4Nutri ninja blender duo with auto-IQ (BL642)

WIth the auto id-tech and powerful motor, this blender BL642 is best for smoothies and juices. If you are the one who needs juice every day in life, this blender can satisfy on that matter.

Product’s Feature:

  • Auto IQ-technology for perfect blending, pureeing and pulsing and so on.
  • Powerful 1200 watt motor with 2 horsepower.
  • Have the ability to crush the ice within a second.
  • XL 72 oz. container with lid.
  • Pro extractor blades.
  • Three cups: 32oz. for multi-serving purposes, 24 oz. for regular use and 18 oz. as small cup.
  • Sip and seal lids.

Short Reviews:

This versatile ninja blender has the ability to win your heart by its performance. The 1200 watt powerful motor can give you the best blending, pureeing, smoothies and ice-crushing. It has even auto IQ-tech which provides you one-touch setting and gives you a signal if you can use it as soon as you entitle the jar. 

Frequently using ninja blender, the sharpness of blades decreases. As the ninja blender gives more attention to the blade instead of the power/motor, it occurs to almost every blender, though it depends on using. 

It happens to noise loudly but it won’t trigger you in anger as it is giving you better blending. This ninja blender has a little higher price than its features. A very few people were complaining about the leaking of liquid from the container while blending. 

Actually, from our perspective, we didn’t face anything like this. But, after giving the food or veggies into the container to blend, remember that you should not exceed the measurement scale given on the jar.



5. Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo with Auto-IQ Boost (NN102):

Top 5 Best Ninja Blender In 2020 5Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo with Auto-IQ Boost (NN102)

The best and an intelligent blender series for kitchen appliances. With the support of multiple auto IQ-tech, you can literally blend everything including the dough. It is best for a small number of people. Go through the features and reviews.

Product’s Feature:

  • 1200w blender with 5 Auto IQ-tech.
  • 24 oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups (2).
  • 2 Nutri Bowl and Dough Blade Assembly.
  • 2 Spout lids.
  • Precision Prep Blade Assembly.
  • Pro Extractor Blades Assembly.
  • 75 Recipes book.

Short Reviews:

Again presenting a versatile blender, Ninja Nutri blender NN102 with Auto-IQ tech featured with chopping, extracting, crushing, pureeing and doughing. There are a pulse option and a mix-function. For the auto-IQ tech, the machine can take the guesswork out of the destined time Lids are so great that no leaking or problem users are faced. This Nutri ninja is best for smooth smoothie and chopping. The noise of the blending of this blender is adaptable but while on grinding, the noise is increased. 

Additionally, the Nutri bowl can be worked as a food processor. But, the fact is, containers have a small capacity in which you couldn’t make room for more than 2-3 persons. It is good to have small containers, because, in a small container, food and ingredients can perfectly be blended. 

You need not think about the warranty and the price of this blender. Like other blenders, it has also 1-year warranty and the price is suitable and matched with the features. A few users have said that sometimes after blending, the result comes as chunky at some particular processing. 

We didn’t face that problem though, and eventually, if you run blender with proper guidance, there won’t be any problem that occurs your blending. In conclusion, if you can go with the flow of cooking or making the all-day smoothie, you should grab this blender asap. We are sure, it will fulfill your excitement for buying something great.



Buying guides:

To buy any electronic product buyers get confused almost every time and it enhances their anxiety and trouble. We want to reduce that trouble by giving the buyers’ product review let alone the short buying guide to know at least the very product they are buying. We need a kitchen to cook and to do that we use kitchen appliances to have done the cook easily. 

Like for making juice, drinks, smoothies, veggie and many cook things, we use a blender. And we come with Ninja blender to fulfill your purpose. Why ninja blender? We’ve already explained that before. We are going to give a short and almost determined buying guide which will work for you that we heartily hope.

What kind of blender do you need?

Basically, there are two types of blender. One is Countertop blender and the other is Hand blender.
A countertop blender is more likely a regular kind of blender used in a kitchen. Hand blender does that too. So what’s the difference then? 

The difference is countertop blender has a base and motor which produced power. The blade of the blender is connected to the motor while the base works on switches which allows the cook or user to maintain the speed of blending as well as other options and functions. These kinds of blender especially useful for grinding, doughing as well as other hard functionalities. 

And another hand blender is mainly called immersion blender. It is a cheap and portable blender. It has an electric motor inside which empowers the blade to blend. It is a handy device running either on batteries or on a chord.

Things to consider before buying a blender:

To choose a blender which saves your time and effort is difficult. Before going to choose a blender, you should know some concepts about a blender’s internal system which we called processor as well as materials. 

You may know that the blender’s external is best for liquid while the internal processor is best for other solids. We research this and make a list of this process.

☛ Power:

If you are thinking power doesn’t make the blender stronger, buddy, sorry, you are wrong. You cannot even crush ice to snow, grind nuts, beans or pulverize any ingredients if your blender’s power is less than 1500 wattage. Moreover, it gives the blender an extra lifetime.

☛ Multiple speeds:

There are blenders that have many speeds options including others. We suggest you not to go with those. There are three kinds of speed you need- Low, High, and Pulse. These speeds are enough to make smoothies, pureeing, butter, etc.

☛ Features:

You should check out features to know a blender exterior or interior. Some blenders have Auto-IQ technology [the tech maintains timing and has brilliant blending program which depends only one click option], some have total crushing technology and other easy-helping functions i.e. auto spiralizer, so on. 

Better features give you more easy-hook with blender, though it will cost you. The techs are supposed to be lessening your efforts, time while giving you durability, efficiency and Nowadays, better technologies are used in a blender within a budget-cost.

☛ Pitcher:

Every compartment is important and it does matter having using them. You should look for a blender in which pitcher’s size is 72 oz or larger than 60 oz pitcher only if you are going to use a blender for blending or cooking as for a family-sized meal. In that case, you’ll have to use large batches.

And as for personal use, you should use a single-serve smoothie blender in which you can make out a meal in a small batch.

☛ BPA-free:

What is the meaning of BPA-free? BPA means bisphenol-A which is an industrial chemical used in plastics. If it seeps into the food or ingredients from the container or jar, it may affect our health, on the brain or behavior, heart problem and etc. 

As safety is our first choice, all products reviewed are BPA-free. So, you can rely on given products.

☛ Warranty:

All machinery products should ensure the warranty to the buyers. There are warranty like three months, six months of the product, if it is, you can choose another one which is better for you. 

After the end of the warranty-time, if your product gets broken, you need to pay for reinstallment or the parts and service.


Tips are given for getting the best result from the blender. We tend to be a bit careless on machinery things after it passes many days since buy. Caring and caution can extend the machines’ durability and efficiency. Let’s check the following tips:

  • Don’t over blend. Go from low to high-speed option according to blending.
  • You can cut fruits, veggies, and others into small slices first, then blend it up in a blender. You will get the better result otherwise almost sometimes larger size fruits and veggies are happened to be got improper blending.
  • If you try to make a new recipe then try it with small batches. It will enrich your cook adaptability.
  • If you have a read on Ninja manual guide, you’ll know to make a cold smoothie in the right way.
  • For fruit and veggies, you should put a little liquid in a blender first. It will clean the roughness and make the blend watery.
  • Don’t use it with rough hands. Blend patiently.


These best ninja blenders are enlisted according to the people’s choice and needs. There are lots of blenders outside you can find either at a low price or at a high price. Truth is, the price and machines’ durability of the ninja blender is always a bit of higher and better than most other blenders in the market area.

 Products given in this site will help you to choose the best ninja blender for your precious cooking appliance.

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