We have seen our grandmother or mother sewing and making clothes by hand a long time ago. When the sewing machine came out to the worldwide, sewing got started more relaxed and more comfortable; modern sewing would be the best example if there is a saying about easiness. 

There are lots of sewing machine companies outside in the world. Keeping all aside, we all be talking and giving reviews about the cc. Why brother sewing machine? Because we always try to provide our customers with the best products.

Things to consider before buying:

We all are human. Some of us have passion, desire, work, aim to fulfill, and job to do. Different situations, emotion, action, I mean, all of these do depend on something that could be anything perspectively. 

To make clothes, to sew, to make a garment more fashionable and attractive, this sewing machine has been invented to work more efficiently from our household work, project, or client given work. 

Whenever you are going to buy a sewing machine- say new or old, you need to know some features before buying. These will help you to buy the best one according to your needs. So, we would suggest reading over the buying guide at least once.

Reviews of the best portable brother sewing Machines.

#1. Brother (CS6000i) Sewing and Quilting Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 1Brother (CS6000i)best Sewing and Quilting Machine:

How often do you see an excellent sewing machine which is not only easy to use but also works as a blessing for the beginner? This multipurpose brother CS6000i sewing machine can melt your heart with its attractive and workable features. Being a functional with technology, this sewing machine can provide basic quilting. So, go through the features and reviews too!

Important Features:

  • User-friendly quilting machine.
  • Stitch selector switch.
  • Auto needle threader.
  • Adjustable sewing speed.
  • Wide table. Maximum sewing speed 850 s/m.
  • LCD at work area.
  • Built-in free arm.


Unlike other complex sewing machines, this brother CS6000i sewing machine comes as a blessing, especially for the new beginners. This user-friendly machine is a multipurpose sewing machine, used for both sewing and quilting. No bothering needs to be faced while sewing on the Brother machine. Very easy to use. On top of that, computerized mechanism of the Brother sewing machine will assist you like a robot-programmed system. There you will be seen an LCD, stitch selector, automated sewing speed slide, automatic needle threader, and many little functions. The sewing area is covered by a thin light in case you have a dark fabric to sew

An oversized table will give you extra space. You just need to set up those options according to your needs. The sewing machine is known precisely for sewing sleeves and cuffs. You can do it easily with the built-in free arm. This brother sewing machine is very convenient for the users which makes it the most versatile sewing machine. Users who have used it neither they got issues nor we do. Yet, perspective must be different. 

Like, if you want more options, you would not be given. First of all, there is no automatic tension. The light could have more bright. The fact is your set options would not be saved after you used it. On top of these, if your country doesn’t have 120 ac primary connections, you must not buy this machine. But even if I have said these factors, I would still recommend you to buy this only if you are new on this. At this very affordable price, I don’t think you would find another best one.



#2. Brother (XM2701) Lightweight Sewing Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 2Brother (XM2701) Lightweight Sewing Machine

The brother XM2701 sewing machine is friendly and versatile that can help you out with all of your projects. A full-featured sewing machine it is comes with a fresh design and good working adaptability.

Important Features:

  • Versatile sewing machine.
  • 27 unique built-in stitches.
  • 6 quick-change sewing feet.
  • Built-in easy needle threader.
  • Jam resistance.
  • 25 year limited warranty .


One of the best sewing machines until now. Workable for both beginner and professional ones. This brother sewing machine XM2701 is well known for its durability, strength and flexibility at work. Enough user-friendly machine that can provide you 27 unique built-in stitches including stitch selector, an automatic one-hole buttonholer, secure threading system with an automatic needle threader and 6 quick-change sewing feet which you know. 

Still, it would help if you had them to apply on a sewing project. Another most important thing is this brother sewing machine’s quick-set top drop-in bobbin saves time than to set-up bobbin and improves the stitch quality. The drop-in bobbin is even jam-resistant. You can sew smoothly. There you find an LED light to brighten your work area. If you find yourself at a complex mechanism understanding this, you could even watch with the given instructional DVD to process it out. 

This brother sewing machine XM2701 is straightforward to use, lightweight and portable and also great for the project. But every best has got the least negativity. So are there too, which you must know for assurance. The presser foot pressure of the sewing machine is not adjustable. Meaning, it would be quite severe to control such speed of machine while sewing. It will be okay after using months. Then, the brightness of the LED light is not quite good. 

There you might see a dark-shady color which would not be suitable for your eyesight and your work too. Other than these two are pretty good as for sewing machine, works great. Within the affordable price, this brother sewing machine XM1201 will be hard to beat.



#3. Brother (XR3774) Full-Featured Quilting Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 3Brother (XR3774) Full-Featured Quilting Machine

If you need a wide space and quilting feature together, even a lightweight sewing machine, this brother XR3774 sewing machine would be the best fit for you. Follow and then see if the rest features fit your needs.

Important Features:

  • 37 unique built-in stitches (74 total stitch functions).
  • Versatile and useful for everyday projects.
  • 8 sewing feet and one auto-size buttonhole.
  • Wide working table.
  • Easy to use for having workable features.


A user-friendly sewing machine that can provide you almost everything only when if you are a beginner or an intermediate in this sector. Even in basic quilt sewing, it can help you with that too. The brother XR3774 sewing machine has built-in versatile 37 stitches though there are in total 74 stitch functions. All can help you with any different projects of yours. The machine also has built-in with 8 different sewing feet, one-step buttonhole, top drop-down bobbin feature, needle threader and needed accessories. 

A wide working table will give you extra space to have done quilting with more spontaneously. LED at work area is better than average. The sewing machine is durable and pretty good at sewing. It must be said that this brother sewing machine is not for heavy-duty. Yes, it can stitch multiple layers and can be used as basic quilting. Consumers who have been using it said that it is not for embroidery, has no stippling feature (advance quilting), and no feature of drop feed dogs. The machine even lacks the throat space. 

Yet, it can handle many projects and sewing smoothly. There’s a bar which you must not cross. Like, if you want to do heavy-duty or advance quilting, this sewing machine is not for you. It is not a perfect machine, thus not for the professionals. Still, it is worth for the beginner and for those who do simple quilting. So to say, the budget is reasonable, the machine is quite delicate and you need to decide whether you need this fantastic machine or you could sway for more products.



#4. Brother (HC1850) Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 4Brother (HC1850) Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

A different but reliable sewing machine brought by the brother company, which is lightweight and portable and more than that is a computerized sewing machine. It can be work done both sewing and quilting in this HC1850 sewing machine, especially fits for the beginner. Check over the features:

Important Features:

  • Multipurpose sewing and quilting machine.
  • 130 built-in stitches.
  • 8 types of one-step auto-sized buttonholes.
  • A wide table and free motion quilting.
  • 8 sewing feet with many more needed accessories.


A newbie who wants to sew not only being a beginner but also being an intermediate in further like having a desire to quilting, then this computerized brother sewing machine HC1850 is enough to satisfy his/her wish, I believe. This multipurpose brother sewing machine HC1850 is actually pretty good for sewing, basic monogramming, decorative stitching and especially quilting. It comes with 130 built-in stitches, 8 automatic-size buttonhole styles, a stitch selection feature, drop feed for free-motion quilting, better feeding system, easy bobbin winding, easy threading and go on. 

To make the sewing more easy and smooth, there are features such as adjustable thread tension, manual speed control, quick-set bobbin, and so on. You will have 8 sewing feet, including quilting foot which is so helpful for you as a beginner. The LED light in the work area is excellent. The wide table gives you flexibility in work. Even you can monitor stitch both length and wide, stitch style, speed of the machine through large LCD within. The machine is lightweight and portable too. Also, accessories will be given with the sewing machine. 

But it doesn’t come with a hard case. A point to say, yes, it is excellent for multiple sewing layers or heavy fabrics, but should not be used for substantial duty project consistently. With all the great features included, the price seems more reasonable. If you are a beginner and not just want to be staying a beginner, this sewing machine HC1850 is a must for you. Grab it when your wants match with it.



#5. Brother (ST150HDH) Computerized Sewing Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 5Brother (ST150HDH) Computerized Best Sewing Machine

This brother sewing machine ST150HDH is quite different not only in design but also in the works. It has an excellent working capability as it is durable and sturdy than other sewing machines. Works great on multiple layers. Watch out the features.

Important Features:

  • 50 built-in stitches.
  • 5 one-step, custom-sized buttonholes.
  • Compatible with heavy fabrics along with lightweight silks.
  • Longer 7 points feed dogs with box feed design has included.
  • Quick-set bobbin system and auto bobbin winding system.
  • Expanded workspace.
  • Super bright built-in LED light.


The one who sews which type of sewing machine he will be needed? Because this brother sewing machine st150hdh has come with many built-in superior functions which all will be in need of work to you. You can sew and stitch from low fabric like lightweight silks to high and multiple layer fabrics. And there you get help in sewing from the given 50 unique stitches, including automatic needle threader. Yet there is no custom stitch feature. On top, This brother sewing machine ST150HDH is enough stable and tough can bear the heavy workload and the pressure of sewing. 

This was made thinking consumers from beginner to professional. Expanded workspace may become one of your best assets along with a super bright LED. Moreover, 5 one-step custom-sized buttonholer you can use without a hitch. There on the body, you will be found a variable speed control setting which allows you to have control on speed while sewing. Besides this, the most important one is a longer 7-point feed dog system that helps you to get smooth stitching and feeding, even make too much less hard workload on a project. This sewing machine has 9 sewing feet, including walking sewing feet. 

If you are new at this sewing section, you will find this complex because of its better built-in functions and processing like start-up buttons, foot controller, speed controller, twin and many more. Consumers said about the light being too bright, which hardly causes a problem for those who wear glasses. There would not be given any hardcover and automatic thread cutter. So you have to deal with these if you buy this brother sewing machine ST150HDH. The price is very reasonable and goes perfectly with the machine. It could be fit within your budget. The machine is sewing-package, I must recommend it if you have no problem buying this.



#6. Brother (XM1010) Sewing Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 6Brother (XM1010) Best Sewing Machine

An easy sewing machine. Goes with simplicity, elegant and likable. A lightweight, well-designed sewing machine loaded with more convenient features that most suitable for the beginner.

Important Features:

  • Full size, Lightweight Sewing Machine.
  • Unique 10 Built-in Stitches.
  • Easy Stitch Selector, Auto Bobbin Winder, Jam-resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin, An Easy Selector Dial and more.
  • Adjustable Thread Tension, Button Sewing Foot.
  • Four-Step Custom-sized buttonholes.


This brother sewing machine XM1010 is an advanced model of than the brother sewing machine XM2701, though quite a difference has in that machine. Like this brother XM1010 sewing machine includes 10 built-in stitches with easy stitch selector, adjustable thread tension, top drop-in bobbin setting, four-step custom-sized buttonholer and many more needed features for sewing. The previous sewing machine is short in features comparing with this brother xm1010 sewing machine. 

The built-in free arms feature helps you out by sewing cuffs and sleeves with accuracy. In general, it will provide you what you need at the beginner and intermediate. For professionals, it would be hard to cope with the sewing machine though it depends on the fabric and project. The negativity the consumers and we didn’t like that the brother sewing xm1010 doesn’t have the integrated needle threader. In the accessories, you will not find any thread cutter. 

Then, the LED light at the work area isn’t that bright. It lacks brightness. The cord for having a line power is small, you may need it long. But against all these problems, this brother sewing machine works excellent — a hard-working tool that you need for solving your project. Moreover, the price is cheap, could easily be fit in your budget. I would recommend you to take this if you have the budget around this sewing’s price.



#7. Brother Project Runway (CS5055PRW) Electric Sewing Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 7Brother Project Runway (CS5055PRW) Electric Best Sewing Machine

Another sewing machine of Brother named Project Runway CS5055 which is lightweight, built-in accessories storage, capable of doing your homework or project with its adaptability. Can be sewn bag, drape or curtains and So many features as s

Important Features:

  • Consistent stitch quality.
  • 6 specialty feet.
  • Easy threading and automatic needle threader.
  • Easy bobbin winding.
  • 5 one-step auto-sized buttonholes.
  • Free arm capability.
  • 50 sewing stitches and 87 stitch functions.
  • Not supportable for 120 AC volts.


As a newbie, you need a sewing machine that helps you to learn sewing things more easily. And this brother project runway sewing machine is here to help you out from the confusion and make you more productive. It is not only the best for the beginner but also the best one to introduce you to more advanced features of which to be less than the professional one. Practically, professional users won’t buy it. This brother sewing machine CS5055PRW has everything on his features. 

It has an easy-view LCD screen, convenient chart of 50 built-in stitches, a vertical spool tool, quick set-up bobbin and the list goes on including accessory feet. The LED light at the work area will help you to see more details, either it is dark fabric or any fabric. Moreover, this brother sewing machine is well known for better finishing at topstitch, close edge. 

Customized 5 buttonhole stitches option will help you out more on a project. The brother sewing machine is actually better, yet consumers found some negativity. It might occur to you or if you don’t need or use some option, you won’t get bothered. The brother project runway doesn’t have automatic thread tension. The led light at work area is not that bright as they say. Storage compartment is smaller than the brother CS6000i sewing machine. 

On the contrary of this negativity, this brother sewing machine CS5055PRW is lightweight, less noisy and versatile when it’s about work or project. Even, the price is quite reasonable. Can be fit in your budget. Grab this sewing machine if you’re really into it.



#8. Brother (ST371HD) Sewing Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 8Brother (ST371HD) best Sewing Machine

There’s a difference between the heavy-duty and heavy fabric. This brother ST371HD sewing machine is well known for heavy-duty; it is even a versatile machine. As it can do heavy-duty, it means that the sewing machine is enough stronger. For knowing further, the reviews come after the given features.

Important Features:

  • Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.
  • Durable, Versatile and Dependable.
  • 37 Unique Built-in Stitches.
  • Metal Needle Plate.
  • Sturdy Metal Chassis.


Brought to you another sewing machine, the brother ST371HD which is mostly like the previous st150hdh sewing machine. If you are somehow looking for a sewing machine that can both wrap up your heavy-duty work and give you smooth finishing at the edges or multiple layer fabric, this sewing machine is a must for you. It’s too strong and tough, got durability and stability better than other sewing machines. Actually, this brother sewing machine ST371HD is that versatile in which you can perform sewing either on light fabric or on heavy cloth. On top of that, 37 unique stitches, including accessories, make this sewing machine more generous while working. Even it is easy to use. 

This sewing machine has built-in with easy stitch selector, one-step custom-sized buttonholer, easy threading system, bobbin winding system and many more. Additionally, the drop feed feature gives a flow of fast sewing smoothly and the space within the work area is enough for quilting. But here, I see the price is a little bit higher. I mean, it could be less. Whatsoever, the price is meant nothing in the end when the product is worth using. Using the brother sewing machine ST371HD, some of the users have said the LED light at the work area is not that bright. 

This machine takes up 110 volts. So, users whose country is bound by 220 volts should avoid this, or you need to buy a converter with this. This sewing machine has no string-tension feature. One important fact is, if you are going to use this as for heavy-duty, this machine may not support you as well. Other hands, as you know, the brother sewing machine ST371HD is lightweight and sturdy, it can handle pressure and heavyweight sewing pretty good. And it is even well known for this. Aside from budget necessity, you can enlist this brother sewing machine as one of your favorite machines as far I can guess.



#9. Brother Project Runway (CE7070PRW) Computerized Sewing Machine:

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 9Brother Project Runway (CE7070PRW) Computerized Best Sewing Machine

The brother CE7070PRW sewing machine got a consistent stitching feature which you could probably be needed the most. Except for the quilting process, the sewing machine comes like all other sewing machine’s features along with computerized features as well for the beginner. Let’s follow the features.

Important Features:

  • 70 built-in stitches.
  • Elegant 7 one-stop auto-sized buttonholes.
  • Extra-wide table.
  • 7 specialty sewing feet.
  • High-quality stitching.
  • Support 120V AC electricity.


Another great sewing machine for the beginner, probably the best maybe. As you look over the features, you see the brother CE7070PRW sewing machine has built-in 70 stitches, including 7 different one-step auto-size buttonholes. To select the stitch according to your needs, you will find there a stitch selector. There are various kinds of stitches you will get, such as heirloom stitch function, quilting stitch function, decorative stitch function and garment stitch function. The sewing machine also has built-in with easy threading, an easy bobbin winding system and remarkable feed system and many more. 

It also has a needle plate marking by which you can do proper stitching. The LCD screen will help you to monitor what you have selected functions and stitches. On top of that, you will get a completed stitch chart. A wide table will help you more for smooth sewing. LED at work area is better, you won’t get distracted. 7 sewing feed makes your stitching easier though there are no quilting feet. It doesn’t mean this brother sewing machine is not for quilting. Indeed, It is good at quilting but you would get the basics of quilting. If you are in need of quilting better than good, I would suggest you to check over the features and advantages of the same brand named brother cs6000i sewing machine. 

Aside from these facts, this brother CE7070PRW sewing machine has the ability to have the job done when it’s about fashion and style. Computerized consistent stitch quality makes your sewing easy. Although, You cannot do embroidery in this brother machine. And, you have to control the speed manually in this brother CE7070PRW sewing machine. It lacks automatic tension control. In summary, if you are needed a sewing machine for wholesome home fashion, this sewing machine can provide you that much. Grab it as long as it fits your budget.



#10. Brother Sewing Machine (SM1738D):

Top 10 Best Portable Brother Sewing Machine In 2020 10Brother Sewing Machine SM1738D

This brother SM1738D sewing machine comes with Disney-inspired design; actually, 4 different types of interchangeable themes or faceplates have been given. A lightweight, fully-functional and user-friendly sewing machine, perfect for beginners.

Important Features:

  • Disney inspired design.
  • 17 built-in stitches.
  • 4 sewing feet.
  • Disney dust cover and LED work area.
  • Jam-resistant quick-set drop-in top bobbin, automatic bobbin winding system, and many more.


Counting interior and exterior both, it is an entirely different design sewing machine. Four types of Disney animated faceplates have captured in the sewing machine individually. They are: Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and the last one is Elsa from the Frozen movie. These are more like a sticker or something like that. So, you can change the faceplate. This brother SM1738D sewing machine is best for beginners. 

It has 17 built-in stitches that are pretty unique. Turning to another stitch is not a complicated process, done by a stitch selector. It’s also included with 4 one-step custom-sized buttonholer. Moreover, accessories including 4 sewing feet will be given. Free arm design is used for sewing cuffs and sleeves. The machine also has a jam-resistant quick-set drop-in top bobbin, including an automatic bobbin winding system. It’ll be easy following these process sequences, get work done. A LED in the work area is bright enough. One important thing we didn’t say in the first place, the SM1738D machine, has tension control dial and reverse sewing lever which gives you better sewing and finishing. 

It is too good while stitching yet it is opposite on quilting. The sewing machine got no automatic needle threader. It doesn’t have speed control. It would be tough for someone who is a sew-learner. Possibly, you can face difficulty while adjusting the thread tension. Despite having these, the machine runs perfectly and contribute to an easy-project work. But, generally speaking, the price is more than a little. From my point of view, the price is not reasonable. If you have a budget, don’t wait thinking longer, just buy. You won’t regret it.



Buying Guide & Tips:

Buying a sewing machine is not easy at all when you are new in this sector. There is a difference in buying a sewing machine that could be good, more significant and great. How is it making a difference? Like with a good machine, you may not find some features which could make you comfortable in sewing. 

Moreover, interior design may not be that good as you need. All we meant to say, you are going to start from the very beginning. While and on further, using just a good machine won’t satisfy you. Besides, a better or a great machine make you having more desire or set your mind a long way to go following the path. So, it’s essential to know the working of features and their needs, the machine’s design and quality, etc.


Being a modern person, you know how to invest money when in need. So, the budget comes when you are short of cash but you need to buy it. And, you know what features you are going to when to sew. We would recommend that you enlist your needy features and search for that sewing machine that fits in your budget.

Built-in needle threader:

In a mechanical sewing machine, you need to attach a needle to thread. That’s where you will get an advantage in a computerized sewing machine. A digital sewing machine has a built-in needle threader, which makes your threading flawless and saves your time and effort both.

Top drop-in bobbin:

We don’t know if you have seen the top drop-in bobbin in mechanical sewing machine. To set the bobbin, first you need to lift up the case then there is a bobbin case vertically inside of the front part of the machine. It wasn’t an easy move unless you are an experienced one. 

Moreover, it takes time and sometimes there’s still seems to be a problem after changing the bobbin. In modern sewing, top drop-in bobbin system is too easy to use. A bobbin case will pop out, you need to place it, then the rest will be done by the machine. It is one of the great features.

Free arm capability:

It is situated in the area below the needle of machine houses where parts like bobbin, shuttle and feed dog stay. What is the benefit of a free arm? Sometimes you need to sew narrow at the edge, then anything round that needs to be sewn may not easy these kinds of work without a free arm. The free arm becomes more useful when you sew small positions of the cloth. It will give you an advantage from the beginning. Be sure to have this feature before buying.


Stitches are essential when you already passed the very beginning in sewing. After setting up the budget and other features, you can hop to one of the important features that helps sewer to do fashion design and to do other sewing work. 

There are sewing machines that have been added different no of stitches following the different types of use. The fact is, you preferably need to choose which you are going to use.

Attachment and Feet:

Attachment and feet are given with the sewing machine. Indeed, the low-cost sewing machine sometimes doesn’t provide these with the product. In that case, you may have to buy accessories from the manufacturer. These can take charge depending on the accessory you need and the price range about 20$ to 50$.


Choosing a sewing machine depending on the needs and other stuff is always tough to do. There we take place as your virtual sidekick just to help you out in choosing and buying the best brother sewing machine following your needs. 

We researched and gave you the best brother sewing machines’ list around your budget. We hope that you will go thoroughly and satisfy. If you need to ask anything, you know the way.