Who doesn’t want to catch a fish? As the want of catching fish increases, we not only research fish psychology but also try to find an easier way to catch fish. The Question is, while our living is digital, why trying to be an analog person when it’s about catching a fish? 

And there are manufacturers who brought the fish finder device to extend the ability to catch fish in a digital way. This is all about has written in this article.

Things to consider before buying:

Fish-lovers people always tend to find things related to fishing. Sometimes, it seems like buying a fish-finder is tougher than catching fish. It’s all about experiences. The more you are experienced, the more you understand these things easily. Nowadays, we are living in technology days. 

There are fish finders that wrapped with tech-support and functions. The truth is, if you are a first time user of a fish finder, you might get it hard to understand. When to buy a fish finder, you should have considered things that are both important and essential to the device. The functions and features you may need to know which we all put together on the buying guide to simplify your buying process.

#1 Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer 3.5" GPS Fishfinder :

Why We Call These Are The Best Portable Fish Finder In 2020 1Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer 3.5

A very user-friendly fish finder that has the capability to not only meet your requirements but also fit in your budget. With a clear vu scanning and high-frequency sonar, it is a blessing to the buyers. 

Easy installation gives it more flexibility. Also, better targeting and waypoint map of this fish finder won’t make you upset for sure. Take the wheel to the rest.

Important Features:

  • 3.5-inch HVGA Color Display.
  • Clear VÜ Scanning Sonar.
  • High-frequency CHIRP Sonar.
  • Easy Installation .
  • Waypoint Map.
  • Maximum Depth 1600 ft.
  • CHIRP Sonar for Better Target.
  • Built-in Flasher (Ideal for Ice-fishing or Vertical Jigging)


If you are looking for a fish finder under hundred dollars with the features of Sonar and CHIRP unit, then this Garmin striker 4 would be the best choice for you. There are lots of fish finders produced. Technology like Sonar and CHIRP unit, some have it, and some don’t have it. 

Those who have it give a high price tag that goes beyond for someone to buy.There, exactly there comes Garmin striker 4 with transducer 3.5 GPS, can be defined as a superior fish finder. Why’s that? It features a 3.5 inches HVGA color display with CHIRP sonar technology for getting high-frequency noise-free images with cleared views from better clarity targets. 

Then, clear vú scanning sonar deliveries the clearest sonar images you ever seen. High-performance CHIRP is capable of emitting two ranges of frequency 77/200 Hz. The maximum depth it can go is up to 1600 ft. As for freshwater, but in salt water, it can go up to 750 ft. Pretty good, isn’t it?  

Then, waypoint works as a navigator to mark the vital location based on high-precision GPS by which you can store up to 4500-5000 waypoints. Garmin striker 4 also has a built-in flasher, which reveals the location of the structure and also depth beneath the transducer. The high-sensibility antenna keeps these connections more stable. 

You won’t get latitude and longitude information from the location-based mark. Everything on the device is enough to please you while fishing. Take the fish finder anywhere you wish to as this Garmin striker 5 GPS is suitable for any places. It is perfect for kayak, canoe, and ice fishing. Buy this fish finder if your requirements meet with it.



#2 Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Best Portable Fish Finder:

Why We Call These Are The Best Portable Fish Finder In 2020 2Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP best Fish Finder

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP fishfinder comes with three different models- 4 pro, 5 pro, and & 7 pro. The no of the model actually defines their display sizes. The dragonfly pro series is well known for giving the best service to its consumers. 

It is brought to the market with a CHIRP transducer with a temperature sensor and surprisingly, they featured it with a wide viewing angle that follows dual-channel chirp sonar. Navionics gold plus take it a new level. Check out the amazing fish finder.

Important Features:

  • Sharp Color, Wide Viewing angles.
  • Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar.
  • Ultra-Wide Down Vision.
  • CHIRP Transducer with Temperature Sensor.
  • Navionics apps with the US and Canada Charts.
  • Flexible Mounting Options.
  • Connect Through Wi-Fish.


Like all fish finders device, this Raymarine also comes as to please their fish lover people. But to extend their popularity and advancement, they come with Dragonfly Pro series with dual-channel ultra-wide CHIRP down vision, which clarifies the images that are captured under 600 ft deep water and also chirp sonar works as fish targeting with clearer views. 

Many fish finders have CHIRP sonar, but they don’t have the program CHIRP down imaging. Don’t forget the CHIRP transducer where the temperature sensor is also included.

You may think of it as a sophisticated device. The truth is, this Raymarine dragonfly pro fish finder is actually straight-forward to operate and Wi-fish makes it more usable and realistic. 

Now, you may need to know about the use of Wi-fish. It is introduced by Raymarine through which you can use CHIRP sonar down vision with smartphones and tablets. The app offers reality waypoint navigation and also mobile free mapping. You will find controlling very simple and straight-forward. 

On top of that, the solid transducer (CPT-DVS) cable is 4 to 6 meters long and configured with two elements in order to get a clear image and produce the cone-shaped beam as well. It has a micro SD slot by which you can store location. Besides, the navionics sonar chart live app covers all of the US and Canada rivers, lakes, and coasts. 

But for bad weather, the mount cannot afford the structural sound. Moreover, GPS doesn’t seem right while the boat started moving. Yet, this portable Raymarine dragonfly pro chirp fish finder delivers its best landmark to every consumer. 

Buy this when it fits in your budget.



#3 Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder (G2 Series):

Why We Call These Are The Best Portable Fish Finder In 2020 3Humminbird HELIX 5 Best Fish Finder

Humminbird Helix 5 fish finder, the company which is behind the best delivery of its, not just in as fish-finding but also in new technology. It comes with features like you ever needed or desired to have from a fish finder. Let’s check them out!

Important Features:

  • 5-inch Color WVGA Display.
  • Portable CHIRP Dual Beam Plus Sonar.
  • Internal GPS Chart.
  • Built-in Anima Cartography.
  • Micro SD Card Slot.


We fish lover people are sometimes going too obsessed with searching a fish finder on our own. There are many fish finders you may want to buy, but somehow they didn’t meet your requirements. We are here to tell you that the wait is over. This Humminbird helix 5 G2 fish finder is like a blessing for fish lovers. The product includes a widescreen color display and specially select models. 

Now, what are the select models? Why is it integrated into the device? Select models, known as features where you find digital tech-support of the invention. On select models, there are added down imaging, which gives you a more unobstructed view, CHIRP digital sonar, built-in base map in cartography, auto-chart live. All these are enough to support completely in fishing. 

You won’t need anything when you get to fishing according to fish location, which can scan up to 1200 ft with clearer views on this Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP Gps G2 fishfinder. The program within the device can reduce the image noise better than other devices. That’s why users get to see the noise-free image with a better target of fishing. 

On the contrary, if you are thinking Humminbird helix 5 performance is not worth comparing with its features, we would say your thoughts are on the wrong track. They created this fish finder for the fish-loving people, not just for the business. 

Even, there is a micro sd slot to store marked location. You can take a screenshot and record when you will be needed to. One thing you would not like that it is quite expensive. Though it is easy to set up the functions, still sometimes users get confused using it. So, you may need to read out the guideline first. We hope this Humminbird helix 5 matches your requirements and budget too.



#4 Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder:

Why We Call These Are The Best Portable Fish Finder In 2020 4Venterior VT-FF001 Best Portable Fish Finder

A well known and one of the cheapest fish finders, it is named Venterior VT-FF001. Can be used to boat fishing, lake fishing, pier/shore fishing and also, importantly, ice fishing. It comes with 25 ft long transducer cable and 5 user sensitivity. 

With a 2 years warranty, this product can deliver the best to the one who started fishing through the fish finder.

Important Features:

  • Detectable Water Depth Range is 3ft to 328ft.
  • Displays Approximate Fish Location .
  • Round Transducer with 25ft Cable.
  • Removable Transducer Float.
  • 5 User Sensitivity, Battery Save mode, Blacklight Mode.
  • Fire Alarm and Unit of Measurement.


Imagine you are somewhere that is covered with snow but in mind, you are fighting yourself to fulfill the desire of catching fish. How can you catch fish when it is covered by snow? 

Not as the most excellent option, but if you keep your sensor temperature above 0F, you can ice fishing with the help of this fantastic Ventierior VT-FF01 portable fish finder. However, this is an excellent device for beginners. It includes features like 5 user-selectable sensitivity, which are fish alarm, blacklight mode, battery saving mode, unit of measure. It also consists of a side-scan adapter as well as stainless bolts and wing nut. 

You can read about the water depth from 0.5 meters up to 100 meters, know about the fish location. One thing you need to know that the fish finder can only show you the fish location, won’t show you fish sizes. 25ft cable gives you an advantage to fishing from the shore. 

There won’t be any waterproof bag with the Venterior fish finder, but you can buy one if you need it. It is that kind of fish finder which you can use almost everywhere. With a very reasonable price, it easily can fit in your budget.



#5 Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder:

Why We Call These Are The Best Portable Fish Finder In 2020 5Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Best Fish Finder

Lucky wireless portable sonar fish finder is a lucky device for consumers. Best for both beginner and professional. It can scan a large area within a few minutes. It is used in the ocean, lake, pond, reservoir, etc. it comes with resourceful features; check out the features and reviews too!

Important Features:

  • Depth Range of 135 feet (45 meters)
  • Wireless Range 394 feet.
  • Display Water Depth and Temperature.
  • Detects Fish Size & Location Info.
  • Sun-Visible High-contrast LCD Monitor with Blacklight.
  • Multi-language.
  • Adjustable Chart Speed, Sensitivity Level Setting.
  • Audible Fish Depth Alarm.
  • Wireless Sensor Coverage at 90° beam angle.
  • Zoom at Specified depth.


The fish finder manufacturers know which object a fish lover may need. This is the exact thing for which maybe you are waiting. Why am I saying this? At a very reasonable price, you are going to get the Lucky FFW-719 portable fish finder that includes a waterproof case, detachable antenna, simulation mode, built-in memory stores sonar setting and a suitable transducer. 

The list doesn’t end yet. This Lucky FFW-719 provides fish size and location, shows water depth and temperature (C°/F°), chart speed, sensitivity level setting, fish depth alarm, has a program of zooming at a specified bottom and so on. Everything you need you are going to find on this lucky fish finder. It is durable and proficient enough. Besides, the battery life of a wireless sensor for up to 550 hours in water usage.

Moreover, using an operable transducer is way more convenient than other types of sensors. You won’t get any trouble with the rechargeable battery. There is no difficulty setting up the program and running the device. Even if you can’t use it, read the user manual thoroughly. Call it a day or night; the display is always clear to read out the data. It used to remember the pre-setting, whether it is turned off or on. 

Sometimes you will be needed color display to have readings. But, on this device, you will not get any color display. Nonetheless, nothing matters when you get to accurate reading through the fish finder. Check out this friendly lucky FFW-718 wireless fish finder if you have a shortage in the budget, yet you need a fish finder that can be worked for both amateur and professional.



Buying Guide:

Everything has its own path. To know the path is to read or to involve with it. You may know many things about fish and stuff. Yet, when it is about interacting with technical site, almost all of us might get lost. It occurs much to first-time buyers. How? Different types of fish finders’ product, their functions and features all seems to go in fog.

You need to know gradually. Read it out and understand all materials and functions that have been using in a fish finder like CHIRP sonar, transducer, echoes, flasher, beam and cone angles, etc. What would be the benefit? It’ll make much easier to buy a fish finder. 

Other hand, knowing about functions and features also helps to run the device easily. That’s why we put together all the info in the buying guide of fish finder and try to make easier to understand for fish loving people.

☛ Budget:

Sometimes budget makes an issue. It’s better to have a big budget on buying a fish finder. Why better? You will get the best one. Indeed, if your budget close to the living zone, then you may have to rethink about buying not to pricey fish finder. 

Under a hundred dollars, you can get yourself a better one fish finder which helps you in fishing way better than your hill-up satisfaction.

☛ Screen & Resolution:

Nowadays, without color displays device gets backdated. Yet, black and white displays are used in some models of fish finder for cutting corners as to give consumers the best product within the low-cost budget. Color displays help to read out the information easily. 

The advantage of using color display is even in the sun light you can understand the data in detail, which you will find harder in black & white displays.

And about resolution, it also varies. How so? In words, resolution is made of pixel and pixel is made of lots of dots on a screen. Simply put, the more you have pixels on your screen, the more detail you get from the display which ultimately helps you to see better view and understand the data.

☛ CHIRP & Sonar:

CHIRP means compressed high intensity radiated pulse. By chirp, a device can send high pulse energy into the water and again the signal gets back to the device. Why sending it? To generate the images using those frequency up to 117k.  

Sonar is an integrated device which can be used for finding any objects using sound-wave while searching whether horizontally or vertically. Actually, it is made from basic physics using echoes.
Before CHIRP sonar, traditional 2D sonar was specialized in using a single frequency, which was pretty good and useful enough compared to fishing capability. 

But, chirp sonar opens the door of easiness and full of quality. Even at a low frequency, it can amplify the ten times better than traditional 2D sonar. CHIRP sonar enhances the frequency range and power all at once when to deal with the water wave. 

More to say,

☛ Transducer:

Transducer and fish-finder is like the salt and the sea. You cannot think of one without another. Transducer is an essential part to a fish finder. 

Why is so that? Its work is to pick up the frequencies that are emitted from the device into the water and got back from the objects. After processing, these signals get occupied into a picture.


To find anything on the internet is too easy, but to rely on something with belief may be harder than it seems. We know the reality, therefore, brought to you the things you may need or at least try to assist you on something you will be helpful. In the above, there are given the best portable fish finder for the fish-loving people like you. Hope you will be beneficial to this.