Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 1
Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 2Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Taste

Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Taste.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 3
Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 4Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine

Nutrichef Electric Raclette Cheese Melter

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 5
Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 6Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine

Nutrichef PKCHMT18 Melter Machine

Last Updated on December 28, 2020

Who doesn’t love cheese? From a child to an old, almost everyone has to have cheese on the food they desired to eat with the cheese, sometimes. Say in a party, a small gathering of people or a family program, these seem imperfect without the cheese. 

But the truth is, melting a slice of cheese by manually needs time. That’s where cheese melter comes to save your time and effort.Then when you need a cheese melter, how can you know the best raclette cheese melter

That’s where we come to introduce you to the cheese melter pouring your thoughts into reality. Here, you get to know to choose a cheese melter raclette which is well consumed by the people, is better than the most raclette machine, can do your job at the finest. 


Things to consider before buying:

Every product is bound with details and functionalities. There’s no point in going to the market or anywhere to buy a product without knowing the least. It won’t be satisfactory work to do. Knowing things at least for a little would give you such knowledge to deal with your buying product. Same goes for the raclette machine. Raclette is also known as swiss.

If you hear about swiss cheese melter, don’t be worried- they are all the same. However, there are few things to know about the cheese melter before buying one of them. Types of cheese melter, its size and materials including price these would be worth knowing of a little.

That’s why we have tried to put together small details of the raclette melter in the buying guide just for you. If you are new to this sector, you should follow the buying guide. Hope you all find your desired cheese melter.

Reviews of the Reclette cheese melter of 2020 | Buying Guide

1. Nutrichef Electric Raclette Cheese Melter.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 7Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine

If you want to prepare your food with traditional swiss-style, then this nutrichef electric cheese melter can help you with your preparation totally. Adjustable temperature controls, versatility, hassle-free operation, and easiness all come in a package that is enough for your requirements to fulfill with.

Important Features:

  • Convenient to Use.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control.
  • Stainless Steel and Stain Resistant Construction.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Hassle-Free Operation.
  • User-friendly and versatile.


Nutrichef always does betterment. The same goes for this electric raclette cheese melter. Versatility, durability and user-friendly- a three combo will never make you regret buying this nutrichef cheese melter. The body of this cheese melter is made of stainless steel and also stain-resistant construction. 

The nutrichef melter is featured with a 600-watt power heating element which can have a max temperature of 482F. Besides, adjustable temperature control will help you follow the recipe at the finest. It provides you with melting cheese in minutes. Any cheese works on it. You can have your food with traditional swiss-style.

On top of that, the best thing is this nutrichef cheese machine has an angle-adjustable grilling plate for a perfect cheese placement. You don’t have to worry about the placement. This electric cheese melter is very convenient to use. It is safe for placing on any kitchen countertop and or tabletop. Hassle-free operation makes it safer for you. 

You can melt the cheese quietly and smoothly with it. This cheese machine can be disassembled for convenient space in the kitchen. Also, for this, you won’t have to put your effort into cleaning it. A few consumers have reported about the assembled parts. Very few of the melters’ parts come without proper assembly. It actually doesn’t occur as usual. Go for the nutrichef cheese melter if you really like it and need it.



2. Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Taste.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 8Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Taste

A well-known brand Boska Holland for cheese melting- one thing they can assure you that the quality. You can take it anywhere you want and have the melted cheese for your delicious food in a minute using heat from three candles. Isn’t it beautiful?

Important Features:

  • Non-stick Coating.
  • Heated by Candles- No Lighter Fluid.
  • Simple & Elegant.
  • Convenient.
  • Includes Barbeclette, Frame, Spatula and 3 Tea-lights.


Who wouldn’t want a fast service when it’s about melting cheese from a raclette melter? Exactly, this quick service you can get with the boska holland partyclette. It melts cheese within a minute. It is a traditional raclette and is generally served over meats, bread, potatoes, and pickles. The working process is totally straight-forward. Flame of three candles gets you the heat helping to melt. No lighter fluid or cord you would face.

Moreover, the non-stick coating gives you smooth sliding out of cheese. Foldable design makes it more convenient to use at any time. The partyclette comes in a fancy oak frame that includes a barbeclette pan, three tea lights and a handy spatula in order to serve the melted cheese. Besides, the attached handles can be detached.

It is recommended that handles should be removed for hard cheese. The raclette melter is simple but a bit pricey. It is small but comes in a compact size useful for the immediate situation. If you have thought of using it for a big party or many people, then it won’t fit with your requirements.



3. Cuisinart CCMP-203 BBQ Cheese Melt Pan.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 9Cuisinart CCMP-203 BBQ Cheese Melt Pan

A small but effective cheese melter. This Cuisinart CCMP BBQ cheese melt pan is perfect for melting cheese on the grill. That’s where it is different from other cheese machines. If you want a grilled flavored cheese, go thoroughly through this.

Important Features:

  • Melts Cheese in Minutes.
  • Spatula included helping guide the melter.
  • Foldable Design.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Hand Wash with Mild Soap.


You can look for the Cuisinart CCMP-203 BBQ cheese melt pan if you want more ease and flavor than the boska partyclette. Why saying that? 

Unlike other cheese melters, here the cheese can be melted on the bbq grill through the cuisinart cheese melt pan. It actually gives you a smoky flavor which adds a pleasant smell like aroma. Smoky cheese creates mouthwatering moment using it on nachos, burgers, hamburgers, pasta, meatballs and vegetables. You can have melted cheese within minutes. That’s going to be necessary if you are in the mood of wanting cheese now. 

Besides, the foldable design ensures the relaxation of use. A hand scraper is used for removing cheese from the pan. More to say, it is easy to clean. It is recommended to wash it with hands with mild soap. The cuisinart bbq cheese melt pan is favorable to you, useful and straightforward. It has a low price compared to the boska holland partyclette. Buy it if you need it to extract your cheesy days.



4. Adcraft CHM-1200W Electric Cheese melter.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 10Electric Cheese melter

The admiral craft CHM-1200W Electric Cheesemelter, an advanced commercial cheese melter, is perfect for Quickly melting cheese, toasting nachos or sandwiches. This raclette is ideal for melting your cheese in minutes. It wraps with many advanced functions that can provide you the best.

Important Features:

  • Heavy Duty.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Metal sheath heating element.
  • Built-in 4 slot multi-position racking system.
  • Quick Heat Up.
  • Insulated Body.
  • Infinite Dial Control.
  • Indicator Light.
  • 1 year warranty.


The admiral craft CHM-1200W electric cheesemelter can be your dream cheese melter. It is an advanced countertop model, trending on the market. This raclette machine is ideal for melting your cheese in minutes. You can toast your favorite nachos or sandwiches with it. The heating process is fast as it features a metal sheath heating element by which heat can be distributed instantly. It helps the cheese to melt quickly and perfectly. 

Moreover, the admiral craft electric cheesemelter has 4 rack positions so that you can choose any of them. Besides, it has an infinite control dial that allows you to control the precise amount of heating. The indicator lights help you to monitor it proficiently. 

However, the compact design is convenient and ideal for the cafeteria and restaurant. The body is insulated that will help you to keep the heat within. The removable food grid includes two 6 inches handles for secure handling. A durable crumb tray helps you in smooth maintenance. It stands on non-slip rubber feet that assist stability. 

The admiral craft CHM-1200w electric cheesemelter comes with better qualities that fit in your requirements when buying an electric cheesemelter.



5. NutriChef PKCHMT18 Electric Cheese Melter.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 11Electric Raclette Cheese Melter Machine

Another advanced model, Nutrichef pkchmt18 electric raclette cheese melter is versatile and well known for its assisting while melting cheese. Powerful heating element, temperature control and hassle free operation all being involved in melting any kind of cheese in minutes. Why don’t you see the rest?

Important Features:

  • Stainless Steel and Stain Resistant Construction.
  • Plug-in Design (3.2 ft Power Cord).
  • High Powered Heating Element.
  • Traditional Swiss-Style.
  • Angle Adjustable Grilling Plate.
  • Adjustable Temperature.


it is like the previous nutrichef raclette cheese melter. But, it is more powerful. It helps you prepare traditional swiss-style food. 1000 watt powered heating element makes it easier. It processes simple operation. Adjustable temperature control helps you to control the amount of heating you will be about to give. It provides you with melting cheese in minutes. 

However, the body of the nutrichef is stainless steel and stain resistant. It features an angle adjustable grilling plate that helps you to place the cheese smoothly.The Nutrichef pkchmt18 electric cheese melter is very convenient to use. There would be no problem for placing the nutrichef on any kitchen countertop or table top. 

Moreover, you can disassemble the cheese melter machine for convenient space in the kitchen. It’s not hard to clean. You don’t have to put in much effort. The price can be fit in your budget. Don’t think about buying this if you are interested in it.



6. CucinaPro's Personal Cheese Melter.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 12CucinaPros Personal Raclette Cheese Melter

CucinaPro is well known for their creative design merged into the home or kitchen stuff they made. This cucinapro’s personal cheese melter is one of their excellent works. It melts cheese in under 4 minutes. It is the best product that you may choose for giving someone as a gift.

Important Features:

  • Cheese Raclette: Melts Cheese under 4 minutes.
  • Candlelight Cheese Melter: 3 Tea Lights.
  • Cheese Melting Pan.
  • Foldable Design.
  • Includes Spatula, Pan, Frame and Tea-lights.


CucinaPro is always here to give you the best even if the product is in the least of their list. Like they made the cucina pro cheese melter convenient to you. You don’t need electricity, gas or much more than that. 

You will need just three tea lights to melt the cheese and you get the melted cheese within 4 minutes. Cheese melting pan will hold the cheese before and after. A spatula helps you to move the melted cheese. 

Besides, the exterior design is sleek and smooth. The handle is foldable. So, it gives you ease. More to say, the cucinapro cheese melter is easy to store but it is small. People may not have urge for it. Yet, as the price is in the capacity of your hand, the product is near to buy only if you want it.



7. Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 13Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot

If you want a wholesome product like melting any kind of cheeses, making sauces of different types, this Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup stainless steel electric fondue pot will be the best one in case you bought. Ideal for birthdays, pool parties, family gatherings and joyful events. Check out lovable features.

Important Features:

  • 6 Cup Capacity (1.5 quarts).
  • Durable Construction.
  • Temperature Control.
  • Cool-Touch Handles.
  • 6 Color-Coded Forks.


Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup stainless steel electric fondue pot is one of the best products available in the market. It places itself there with its functions and capabilities. The nostalgia fondue pot has 1.5 quarts (3 pounds) capacity by which you can cover up such special events. 

The exterior and interior design is sleek and smooth. High-quality stainless steel makes it durable and sturdy. Detachable parts are dishwasher safe. So, it reduces your cleaning effort.

However, controlling temperature is accessible on this fondue pot. You can adjust the heat by the given blue-lit control dial. Also, if the pot gets hot, there is a feature of cool-touch side handles for secure handling. The electric fondue pot includes 6 color-coded forks for easy identification.



8. Cuisinart CMD-108 Melting Dome.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 14Cuisinart CMD-108 Melting Dome

This Cuisinart cmd-108 melting dome is very convenient to use. If you want better tasting grilled food taste and fast melting cheese, then this dome raclette can help you the best. It is actually perfect for those who love cheese burgers, pizza.

Important Features:

  • 9” Diameter.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Fast Heat, Constantly.
  • Infuses Smoky Flavor.
  • Hand Wash Only.


You want the cheese on food to be cooked more evenly and also want a smoky grill flavor? Yeah, you can get both at the same time if you know of Cuisinart CMD 108 melting dome. What’s so special about it? 

With the help of a 9” diameter of a cuisinart dome, you can have pure grill flavored cheese and hot food. The shape of the dome is made the way it can trap the heat to cook food as quickly as possible. The dome is consists of high-quality stainless steel. 

However, as it is simple, it is effortless to wash. But, it is recommended that this cuisinart melting dome needs manual washing. The cost fits in the budget. You won’t get any problem dealing with it if you like it.



9. Zerodis Portable Candlelight Cheese Raclette Non-Stick.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 15Portable Candlelight Cheese Raclette Non-Stick

A high quality portable candlelight nonstick cheese melter by which you can get melted cheese within minutes. Easy to carry, convenient to use. Check out the rest.

Important Features:

  • High Quality Steel: Solid and Durable.
  • Non-stick Coating Design.
  • Heated with Candles.
  • Heat-insulation Wooden Handle.
  • Convenient to Use.


A mini portable cheese raclette made by zerodis, a very better companion as for the chefs or the ones who cook. The high-quality body resists high temperature, is also robust and durable. So, it’s already built in a good structure. 

The zerodic melter proceeds easily when it comes to melting the cheese. Only with the heat from the given three tea candles in a frame of its own, it can melt any cheese you desired off. A sleek spatula you will get for moving the cheese from the frame to the required place. There will be no coating out from your frame.

Moreover, the heat-insulation wooden handle will give you comfort. This zerodis swiss cheese melter is convenient to use, but it is recommended to wash it manually. As it is small and compact, you can carry it anywhere and use it to get the melted cheese for your delicious food. 

A good thing is this zerodis candlelight cheese melter can easily fit in your budget.



10. KOVOT Cheese Raclette.

Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 16Top 10 Best Raclette Cheese Melter Reviews Of 2020 17

The Kovot cheese raclette is more like the previous model. It can melt cheese within a few minutes. It’s also easy and simple, no trouble while melting. Check the rest.

Important Features:

  • Melt Cheese In a few Minute.
  • Non-stick Coating Design.
  • Simple 3 Tea Light.
  • Includes Foldable Handle, Spatula & Frame.
  • Tea Lights Not Include thou.


Another cheese melter but from another brand named Kovot. Like other portable raclette cheese melter, this can also be taken anywhere you want. What’s the benefit you can get? 

This kovot cheese raclette has the ability to melt your cheese within a few minutes. You may have thought about the process of heating. It’s such a tension-free and straightforward method. There are three tea lights with the product by which you can get enough heat for melting the cheese. Besides, non-stick coating emollient ensures your safe health. The foldable handle makes your movement smooth. 

However, the spatula is there for you all time whenever you need to move out the cheese from the frame to pour over your food. It is even easy to clean after use. One thing which may go back is that there won’t be any tea lights with the product. So, it would help if you bought it additionally.



Buying Guide Of The Best Raclette Cheese Melter

No product is ever easy to buy at first. It would be best if you had suggestions or a shown way to buy the product accordingly. So as we are not face to face in a convo, we sure can give you some suggestions for your basic knowledge. We will be going step by step answering questions as to

☺ What types do you really need? How does it depend on you?

Types matter. Because it includes more features and so does the cost. Again, you won’t ever find the same quality raclette machine as they aren’t equally created. I am sure you will find your type. There are many kinds of models. We are going to give short details of those which are going to be needed. Check below.

The Basic Model:

For a small gathering people, the basic model holds the best attribute- small, easy and low cost. You can easily deal with the cost and product agreement. Mostly they are portable and sometimes use a grill for heating.

The Standard Model:

The standard model is in the upper level from the basic model. With it, you can serve between 5-7 people. It includes additional features and a bit high cost compared to the basic model.

The Party Model:

You can get yourself a party raclette cheese melter if you have people less than 10-12. It is quite similar to the previous model and a good one compared to those. The party models include better functionalities and well-assisting melt stuff. If you are a party lover, you should buy one.

The Advanced Model:

The word advance takes place for those who are actually advanced in something. What do we mean? We mean, if you are not developed in something, you wouldn’t press yourself about it. The same goes for the advanced raclette machine. For a big party or a lot of peoples’ gathering, you will need more significant cooking storage, durability, versatility, and surface. 

There it would help if you needed an advanced model of raclette cheese melter. This allows you to serve more than 10 people. The true fact is these kinds of models are expensive. Make sure you have a budget before buying one of them.

Whatever you take, it totally depends on you. How? 

To buy a swiss cheese melter first, you need to know what kind of raclette machine you should have purchased according to your place, requirements and budget. So, it’s about buying from your pre-thought, you know it better than all of us.

☺ What do you think of the size and materials?

Using a raclette grill for the fewer people won’t be any praise work. On the contrary, it will cost you both money and space. Some raclette machines are countertop, so it does matter if you somehow don’t have enough space. 

Materials also play a role in the buying situation. After getting a simple raclette melter, if you see that you didn’t get one of the materials, what would you do? The question hits me as well. Again, some materials will help you too. That’s why before buying materials should be checked out.

☻How maintenance is also included in this buying guide?

Small raclette machines are easy to wash. When all the chilling and outing is over, you should clean your raclette melter as soon as possible. It expands the lasting zone. Raclette grills are slightly different from general raclette melter. 

They need to disassemble first to be thoroughly cleansed. Almost all of them are dishwasher safe. So, it reduces your toil and saves time. So, maintenance is way important as long as you care about your product.

☹ Price vs. Budget, what comes first?

Every product has a price. Price is set following raw cost, the functions, efficiency, and maintenance of a product. Different types of different products vary from one to another, so do their prices. The more you go for a higher product, the more your cost will be. On the other side, the budget cuts luxury desire. 

Somehow, you need to buy the product within your fixed price. You will focus on what you will need first. If you have a budget, then go for the product you need. Otherwise, watch for the best raclette cheese melter if you have enough money to pay.


We all love food. Food captures other things to make itself delicious though we want that actually. Yet, one of the best things is cheese. As cheese needs to be melted and you don’t want to melt cheese manually. 

So, you decide to buy a cheese melter. But what are the best raclette cheese melter and how you could buy one? To answer these questions, we have tried the best to help you by suggesting small details of the raclette machine.

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