What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner?

Last Updated on January 31, 2023

A pressure cooker or a pressure canner lifts up the relaxation of cooking. You see, every day somehow you need to cook something for your family or some other day for your friends and relatives. In that case, a pressure cooker helps you for the time being. Using heat to make the steam and later pressurize it for assisting the food to be cooked. That’s how it works. 

Yet, there is something you may need to know if you are new in this sector. As you know, generation to generation keeps going on preserving food in a particular season for eating up that food in another season. You can’t find your favorite food in every season. So, what do you do? You decide on preserving.

Now at that point, how do you want to preserve? 

Manually or with an appliance? 

If the answer manually then the process is different. We’ll talk about it another day. But with an appliance you can catch up with the process easily and preserve the food as you need and whenever you want. The appliance that helps you in capturing the food for a really long time is known as a pressure canner. 

How does it work? It also works almost the same as pressure cookers.
However, you may have a question about the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner. 

The truth is, the working mechanism doesn’t differentiate between them. So what does? Their input and output of the working process. To know more in detail, following the article is what you need to do.

What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner? 1

What is a Pressure Cooker?
How does it work and the process?

A pressure cooker is one kind of sealed pot within an empty space inside. That space is used for cooking under the condition of high pressure. Here’s where basic science works. 

While heating up a pot, the liquid begins to boil and make steam. That steam from the boiling gets trapped in the sealed pot later on which begins to pressurize the food. 

Now, real science covers up. How? The pressure using transferring heat energy from the steam cooks the food and liquid gives the moisture and makes it watery.

Why does a pressure cooker cook faster?

You have always heard that a pressure cooker cooks fast. Did you find out the reason? 

Actually, it’s not needed to know the reason, because it won’t help one in cooking. Yet, I am going to explain. 

While heating up a pressure cooking pot, the liquid boils and turns into steam. After that, no matter how long you continue to boil the liquid and cook the food at the same temperature, it won’t get through the fast cooking process. That’s when it takes time. But increasing the temperature will force the boiling water to make more steam than the average. 

How can it be increased? 

By adding pressure helping with the increasing temperature. The steam process in cooking is always better. It works faster than heat conduction. So, while cooking in the pressure cooker a real force somehow creates and pushes it to the steam to achieve more energy. And then it processes the cooking in a faster way than usual.

What is a pressure canner? How does it work and the process?

A pressure canner is more like a pressure cooker. It makes a process of food preservation at a higher temperature. People use pressure canners to can meat and vegetables without using any other chemicals. More use in canning peas, stock, soup, jam and many more. 

A pressure canner is a heavy-duty working appliance with more equipment e.g. jar rack, an automatic vent, a pressure gauge, and screw clamps. It needs less water than the water bath canning. Raising the temperature and heating up the jar will boil the water and make hot steam. More temperature creates a force that pressurizes the steam with more energy. 

Let the steam exhaust continuously every 10 minutes while boiling water. After venting pressure canner for a particular period that helps the air be out from the jar. At that moment, the jars will fill with the boiling water and high-pressure steam. These will cover up every inch of the jar.

How is it safer than water bath canning?

Truth is, it has the capability of heating the food or fruit in the jars way faster and hotter than the temperature of boiling water. As you know, there’s also a water bath canning process. 

But as for low acid foods, you can’t process them in water bath canning. In that case, you will need a pressure canner which is safer than water bath canning as to canning the low alkaline foods. 

Moreover, a pressure canner for his high-temperature processing can kill the bacteria which could remain in water bath canning. For that, you will be safe, green and healthy while enjoying the food.

Appliances make life more easy and beautiful. Without the need of giving effort, you can get your job done, so it can be with a pressure cooker or a pressure canner. 

There are appliances like two in one e.g. pressure cooker for canning. You can do both cooking and canning whenever you want. Hope you will get the best result whatever you use. Take care of them as you take care of yourself. If any question you have, feel free to ask.

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