Last Updated on January 31, 2023

We don’t have any idea of the upcoming time, nobody ever had. People we know, friends, relatives or from work could have a visit to our home. What do we do then? 

Only talking and hanging out was never a gesture without food and drinks. As for giving food, however, we can assume you want to serve them with meat dishes. We have already talked about having no idea of the upcoming time which makes us stock meat in the freezer.

Simply put, how can we cut frozen meat at home easily? You see, you do have to serve them within a limited time. In that case, what would you do to be quick?

On that point, we have an urge to help you out. The best way to cut frozen meat is not to confide in somewhere but in your way of comfort in cutting frozen meat we believe. So, what do we do? We accordingly demonstrate how to cut frozen meat in various methods on difficulty rankings. Let’s follow the process.

How to cut frozen meat hacks Infographic

How to cut frozen meat? Perfect Guide Here We taken. 1

Cutting with heavy duty knife

You can’t merely cut frozen meat with a knife. First of all, you need to keep the meat into home temperature water or under running water for several minutes. The water will soften the edge that gives you a comfortable time cutting through the meat with a knife. All kinds of knives would not work. 

The question is, what kind of heavy-duty knife would work? A heavy duty knife with a serrated edge can help you with cutting the frozen meat. Slowly cutting gives you the best output. However, using these kinds of knives actually suits best for thin cuts such as sausages, breast portions of chicken and beef tenderloin. Sometimes it takes time thawing hard edges under the water. It would be better if you use warm water instead of regular water.

Slicing meat with an electric knife

An electric knife is more useful than a regular knife as it runs by electricity. Just like a regular knife, it is also best suitable for the boneless meat but mostly done the work better.

It goes smoothly if you know a trick. Before that, a question arises, can an electric knife cut through frozen meat? If it is, how is the process? 

It needs effort though slicing meat thoroughly. With an electric knife, it gets easier. We would suggest wrapping the cord around your preferable arm. Why is that? It avoids the cable coming in front of you while slicing. 

Later, use the knife slicing through the meat. You know how to use a knife. The serrated edge against the meat, a little bit of push and effort would be enough for slicing. Yet, if the meat is too frozen, slicing would be severe then. 

Here’s a trick that I’ve told you about. Rotate the meat if it gets hard and after that starts cutting from the same place but from the opposite side. For the thick piece, you may need to do it more. Another gesture you could add- cutting the meat by pushing and pulling the knife back and forth. Remember to take safety in that case.

Sandwich Method

You all see a sandwich- sliced cheese or butter or meat placed between two pieces of bread. Following the sandwich process, we are going to thaw meat. 

Take a metal pot and put it with normal room-temperature water for making it heavy. Take another metal pot but this time it would be empty. Now, upside-down the empty pot and place the meat (Make sure it wraps with a zip lock bag). 

Let’s give checkmate by putting the pot with water on the meat. Frozen meat between the metal pot. What’s the benefit? The process thaws the meat in several minutes that provides you easy and fast cutting. Assuming the process, thin meat would take around 5-10 minutes while thicker meat takes 15-20 minutes. However, it’s an effective way to thaw the meat steak very quickly.

M&M (Meat and Microwave) Process

It’s an easy process. You put the frozen meat in the center of the microwave oven switching on the defrost setting. After a specific time, the meat thaws enough to cut through it easily. A sturdy heavy-duty knife you can use for slicing the meat. Make sure you have a cutting board. It will give you stability.

We would suggest you be aware as the process includes a microwave oven by which there could be an incident if you are not careful.

Slicing by using a Butcher Saw

No, you don’t need to use that kind of saw by which a hewer cuts the woods. You need to buy a butcher saw as for slicing meats. Hold, you need to buy a pair of gloves too. Why is that? For your safety. Glove gives you a firm grip.

So, how can you cut safely with a butcher saw? 

First of all, wearing gloves, hold the handle of the saw and lay the serrated edge against the meat. Select your starting point and cut through the meat by applying downward pressure. Continue by pushing and pulling the saw following your convenience way. You need to care about the same speed from first to last if you want productive cutting.

Sometimes cutting through meat gets difficult. You know what to do, turn the meat opposite from its starting side and start cutting again. Mainly, butcher saws work best for cutting large portions of frozen meats. One of the advantages is you can cut with bones too.

Using Manual Meat Slicer

We always try to minimize our cost which is obvious. But buying a kitchen appliance was never a wrong decision. It ultimately leads you to save time and effort while giving you the best result. 

We know thawing meat before cutting needs time and most people are okay with it as they don’t want to invest money on something which they can do after waiting for several minutes. Yet, kitchen appliances that help you reduce effort, saving time and importantly increasing outcome, why not buying it? 

Now that it is about cutting frozen meat without defrosting, a manual meat slicer would be the best option you can choose only if you want to invest money. With it, you can slice meat whatever thin you need for your recipe. You get flexibility using it, less pressure you need to press. 

There is no difficulty slicing with a manual meat slicer. A knob for selecting the thin parameter and a sturdy handle helps you for slicing. The rest you know what you need to do.

Slicing frozen meat at home is easy if you keep some tricks up your sleeves. So what did we do here? 

We amplified the tricks, so did the knowledge as far as we could. Hope you get your needy one of choice to use as to cut frozen meat. If anything to ask, fill out the empty box.