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Your coming here proves one thing that you are badly in need of ninja personal blender reviews. There could be a lot of reviews and still, you come here as you know we not only provide the specification but also deliver the rightful details that you need to know before buying one of the products. Before elaborating on the details of ninja personal blender reviews, you first need to understand that this ninja personal 700-watt blender is not for commercial use.

One of the best handy blenders you’ll ever see is ninja personal 700-watt blender. The term ‘best handy’ illustrates the function of using anywhere you want means it’s portable. Besides, the quality given within a small compartment made this ninja more workable in blending. Before starting to point out the facts, let’s glance over the features. 

Personal ninja blender 700 watts reviews 1Ninja 700 watts Personal Blender

Ninja Personal Blender:

  • 700-watt powerful Motor with Pulse Technology.
  • Helps to extract the hidden nutrition & vitamins entirely from whole fruits and veggies. 
  • Frozen Blending Available- means you can crush through ice and frozen fruits. 
  • 16 oz. Nutri ninja two cups and 2 seal lids.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • 30-recipe Inspiration Guide.
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Ninja personal blenders are well known for making single-serve smoothies. They aren’t multi-functional, yet you can use them to chop, mix, grate, and blend as in a simple way. You see? From our point of view, a personal ninja blender can be said as a versatile one. We are not the judge, not even trying to make personal blender reviews. But the simplicity of their use makes you think about the flexibility of the blender. When you get that flexibility through blending, you love it; however, people seem to be off to the blender.

The ninja 700-watt blender is not designed to use as a commercial. In that case, you need to confine your negative thought in a box and let yourself think about the positivity of the blender, i.e., this personal ninja works on one high speed and gives the smooth blending progress. 

On top of that, you can crush ice and blend frozen fruit with this small personal blender. If you really want to solve more significant issues like grinding nuts or mixing dough, then this blender doesn’t work for you. Following that, you will need a commercial one. But in a limited power, this ninja persona can deliver you the best you may need for a single service.


The design protects the elements inside of the blender. The beautiful curve makes the grip tighter. Mostly, a single-serve personal blender comes with a 12-24 ounces cup than a jar. With this blender, you will get 16 ounces of two cups. So, basically, you can blend every little thing in a small amount. Besides, this 700-watt ninja blender uses pulse technology. You need to pressurize a little bit and hold on to a container in order to blend. There’s no other way. Actually, it’s good to have a handy blender. The progress ensures the blending to be satisfying.

Anything small and handy is always easy to use. But, sometimes they lack ease of cleaning. As for this ninja personal blender, you would not get suffocated when it’s about cleaning. It includes dishwasher safe. So, you do not have to worry about it.

Buying a product depending on reviews is not an easy task. You must have to check out the consumer’s report- what they have said about the advantages or disadvantages of a product. In the case of ninja 700-watt personal blenders, consumers loved its consistency, varieties blending criteria within a simple blender, fast and easy blending. Say it about making salsas, chopping herbs and fruits, mixing out betters, etc. conventional cooking stuff that needs blending, these can be done with this personal blender. As being a single-serve blender, it obviously is the best for making smoothies.

Aside from these, consumers reported the blender not being so possessive crushing some hardcore ingredients. Seriously, what do you expect from a simple personal blender? It’s not a super one. Again, a few consumers found the hand on the container while blending an irritating subject. Instead, some really wished to have the switch on the blender.



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Some FAQ about this product:

How good is the blender at chopping? Does it sound loud?

The chopping is pretty good. It can even crush ice and frozen fruits. It has the potential when it’s about slicing up. Besides, it sounds loud, normal loud, we can say. In general, the sound of a blender depends on the speed of blending. As this personal blender isn’t that much speed, so the sound wouldn’t be noisy.

How much voltage does this blender need?

This blender is structured with 120volts. In case you are taking it to your travel, make sure you have a transformer so that you can plug it anywhere you want. More than that, don’t even try to use it under high voltage more than 120V. It will damage.

Is this portable and can be carried anywhere?

Of course, it is portable and can be carried anywhere, but make sure you follow the guidelines. There isn’t any battery from which you can operate the blender. So, you have to care about the plug of it in order to operate anywhere.

Can I use the blender other than blending smoothies or crushing ice?

No, you cannot. It would fracture the blade as it is not made in that way. But this personal blender is the best for single-serve smoothies. The fruits and veggies can easily be blended through this blender.

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There’s always you will see good sides and bad sides of every product. This is how a product deals with our works. You cannot use a single product for everything to finish up your work with a single-handed product. It would be best if you considered something according to your requirements.

We have tried our best to analyze the product and gather the information just to give you the underlying tendency to make any decision based on the reviews. We hope for the best. If anything to ask or query, there’s always an option to reach us. Till then, have a good day!