Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them?

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Vitamix is one of the best and top-rank blenders all over the world. Vitamix blenders are like a blessing for those people who always use it every day to make the cook much more accessible and to make the food more nutrias. Vitamix blenders are a versatile blender and though these blenders get expensive, there are reasons to be. 

The company makes the blender consuming customers want, desire and according to cooking standard. That’s why you would see that their blenders get much longer to survive or do lasting many years even in using it every day than other blenders.

Why do you buy Vitamix blender:

Buying a blender is not a big deal, but choosing one is. Why so? Because outside the world has many manufacturers of blender that can provide your needs for kitchen appliances. 

Now that selecting a particular one like the Vitamix blender, we know you may go through your investigation or close people of yours suggested you buy a vitamix blender. Yet, there happens to be a question of why do you buy a Vitamix blender. 

The reason behind choosing a Vitamix blender is because they are both durable and efficient enough to assist you in the kitchen and also can make up your all desire. Starting from high price to low price, Vitamix manufacturer knows product quality is more important than tagging a price list. 

Features like versatility, forceful, controlling speed, digital timer, etc. of a vitamix blender are always better than any other blenders. There you get yourself convinced to buy a one.

Things to consider before buying:

People always tend to be confusing when it’s about to choose the best thing or idea. But did you ever noticed that knowing something about a buying product make it more comfortable to buy? 

Maybe or maybe not. We wouldn’t be any surprised by the probability answer as we know the struggle. So, the question is what to consider before buying?

Many functions should be known at least the necessary parts. You may need to know about power, multiple speed and pulse, features, pitcher, a blender that is chemical-free and many more. All these include a cost. The more features and compatibility a vitamix blender has, the more it gets costly. 

So, at first, you need to decide about the budget where you want to fit a kitchen appliance like a blender. We put together all in one place which is called buying guide for showing the easy path as for purchasing the best vitamix blender.

1. Vitamix 5300 Blender: (This Is The Best Vitamix Blender).

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 1Vitamix 5300 Blender This Is The Best Vitamix Blender

Vitamix 5300 blender is almost the same as vitamix 5200 though It is an updated version. With the beautiful and sleek design, it never fails to deliver the workable performance with its resourceful features. 

You throw at this blender anything and it can blend you spontaneously. Heat, chop, grind, blend, and even emulsify- an all in one blender the vitamix can provide.

Important features:

  • Variable Speed controls.
  • Pulse Function.
  • Low-profile 64 oz container.
  • Hardened Stainless-steel blade.


Vitamix 5300 blender is an upgrade version of vitamix 5200. It is used to call certified reconditioned vitamix 5300 blender. Why? Products that are given away to the seller or have deflected are manufactured again by the company checking again its functions and quality. 

This is how certified reconditioned are made. When you want a brand product and also want quality in a budget-fit cost, these products are the best for carrying the desire.

Generally speaking, with the comparison of performance, vitamix 5200 and vitamix 5300, these two models are almost the same. Then why did the Vitamix company come with the same blender within a different model? There are reasons to be changed. 

This vitamix blender 5300 got a higher motor power than the vitamix blender 5200. That’s why all the comparison ends here. Because of the more powerful motor, it takes less time to finish the blending which ultimately reduces your cook time. 

Then comes the parts container, speed variation, pulse features, self-cleaning all are great of this blender. Though this blender’s efficiency is quite better than vitamix 5200, the rest of all performance, ability and design are the same.

Besides, this blender got the 5 years warranty. This blender has less price than vitamix 5200. Customers tend to have it even in knowing that this blender is renewed from the old version of 5200. 

That’s why very few people sometimes get a problem with the blender when they buy. Within your budget, you can buy this blender confidently, but a suggestion for you is when you buy this vitamix blender, you should search for the problem of its performance and function. 

Because in case you get a problem, you can return it and get another one if it’s within three days.



2. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Reviews:

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 2Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Reviews

An upgraded version of Vitamix 5300 and a little bit more quality you will get from this Vitamix e310 explorian blender. It’s completely made for house cooking appliances but it can help you with premium processes, say it a restaurant or heavy-duty work. In that case, you should take care of the blender most.

Important features:

  • Ten Variable Speed Control.
  • 48 ounces Container.
  • Pulse Features.
  • Hardened Stainless Steel.
  • Self Cleaning.
  • Radial Cooling & thermal protection.


There’s an old saying when the quality is bad, the outlook doesn’t work even if it has a better look. Vitamix manufacturer knows it well. That’s why they have been known as the best blender in the world. However, this Vitamix explorian series e310 blender gets all attention from both quality and exterior. It is really a special appliance when you use it you will know it. Why saying this? 

Vitamix E310 is great stuff to deal with. Well, architecture and elegant design. Ten variable speed control gives you the power of attorney. As a simplification, you can change the speed whenever you need while blending various foods and veggies. 48 ounces container gives you an advantage in blending. 

You can actually make desired juice or puréé and all over the medium batches which is ideal to do. This explorian blender doesn’t have dishwasher safety. Self-cleaning would be the best recommendation for this Vitamix e310. It isn’t hard to do. In fact, it can easily be done. 

All you need is 30 to 60 seconds to clean the blender. While cleaning, be safe from the hardened stainless steel blades. Generally, Sharp blades that can chop the food and veggies smoothly may cut your finger as well if you are careless. 

Everything seems great, doesn’t it? 

But, this Vitamix explorian blender fails to reduce the high range price. It is more expensive than the most familiar features blenders and conventional blenders also. This could be listed on all people’s choice but the premium gets the price. 

On the other hand, the blender struggles sometimes when it blends in high volume compared to other Vitamix blenders. Moreover, every so often it lacks in chopping the very thick ingredients. Overall, this Vitamix e310 explorian series blender can give you the professional-grade vibe and the satisfaction you need while blending.



3. Vitamix Ascent A2500 Series Blender :

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 3Vitamix Ascent A2500 Series Blender

Vitamix A2500 is the most stylish blender ever made in vitamix series. Most elegant look and complete bender. 

It has durability, power, and versatility — an expensive blender but worth for delivering better blending-service.

Important features:

  • 2.2 HP powerful motor.
  • Variable speed control up to 10 and pulse function.
  • Three program settings- frozen dessert, hot soups and smoothies.
  • Self detect container.
  • Digital timer.
  • BPA free 64 oz. container.
  • Laser-cut stainless steel blades.
  • Dishwasher safe.


A stylish and powerful blender that is always ready to deliver the best of its capability. The Vitamix Ascent A2500 is a wholesome blender that is well known for its convenient and consistent result in blending. 

It is programmed with three settings for smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts. Self-detect technology gives the vitamix a2500 blender more advantage to occupy the container size and adjust the program setting you’ve selected. You can blend manually too. The built-in digital timer and pulse feature will make it easier for you.

However, did you notice we said this blender a wholesome? There is a reason for saying things like that. With the 2.2 HP powerful motor and laser-cut stainless steel blades, this vitamix A2500 blender can heat the blending food, chop, grind and also emulsify if needed. You are about to get all in one.

More than that, the precise container design makes the blender compact and elegant. High-performance motor not only makes your blend fast and resistant to rust but also helps in making steaming hot soup, frozen desserts, dough, sauces, smoothies and grinding nuts. 

This vitamix ascent A2500 is for those who love versatility, though it is very costly. Besides, it should have come with medium jars that would be easier to use, which most consumers expected. Still, it happens to be the best as it is beautiful, functional and workable when it’s about to blend.



#4. Vitamix Professional Series 750:

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 4 Vitamix Professional Series 750

Vitamix professional series 750 blender, a well-suited kitchen appliance, best for professional use, is one of the most selling blenders in the market. 

A universal blender that can fulfill your needs when it comes to blending anything. With 5 pre-setting programs, you can make your reign with foods.

Important features:

  • 2.2 peak HP motors.
  • 2 piece neoprene rubber lid.
  • Variable speed control.
  • 64 oz. container.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • BPA free.


Vitamix Professional 750 is one of the perfect blenders of all vitamix series comparing the performance. Though this pro blender has a much expensive cost, it is still giving better accomplishment than other blenders. 

The blender programmed with 5 pre-setting smoothies, puree, hot soup and self-cleaning. This vitamix pro 750 can destroy anything you throw at it with the powerful 2.2 peak HP motor along with the laser-cut stainless blades. The powerful motor helps you to reduce the time of blending

The blender has the ability to make hot soup, has the power of grinding and doughing. A few buyers uttered that this blender could not be used as a juicer machine. But when we go with the process of making juice, we perceive that it’s best to make drinks and sorbet. 

This pro 750 blender is known as an industrious blender as it can be used every day when in need. This blender is for those who do cook everyday, i mean who roughly use in order to cook, this pro vitamix will be very helpful to them.



5. Vitamix blender 5200 (Most Popular).

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 5Vitamix blender 5200

Vitamix 5200 is one of the most popular blenders of all vitamix blender. It comes in black and white- two colors. Though it is not the most expensive blender comparing all kinds of vitamix series, it is quite a great and powerful blender according to many people. 

You can say the price is too high, but in reality, the price is reasonable as the quality of the blender is boundless.

Important features:

  • Variable Speed Control.
  • 64 oz container.
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.
  • Auto heat-creation while blending.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Self-cleaning.


Vitamix 5200- a versatile blender, is powerful enough to make smooth smoothies, pureeing, crushing, doughing and many more. Within a reasonable price, it has very needed features to make you happy while blending. 

Though this vitamix 5200 hasn’t configured with a pre-programmed setting, we must say it has better quality, easy control and smooth blending efficiency. The fact is, it can possess all kinds of blending except juicing. For juicing, you will be needed extra accessories. 

Similar to the point, using vitamix is a blessing because you can make soup with it. The heat comes from the power of the blades while blending which is used to make the cold ingredients into hot.

Moreover, we didn’t get a problem with performance and accessories. They all are beautiful and significantly work. With the 64 oz container, you can make the food for single people to family-size people. 

This vitamix blender has the ability to fulfill your desire in cook-stuff until you can tolerate the noise. Some people can’t tolerate a higher noise and they could have a problem with this blender. 

All over, it is better blender than of all vitamix blender comparing the quality you get within this blender’s price. Grab it if you get the feeling for it.



6. Vitamix Standard Blender:

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 6Vitamix Standard Blender

Vitamix standard blender is also like the Vitamix 5200 blenders. Both are certified reconditioned. It comes with more power and ability than Vitamix 5200. Featured with overload protection, a safe and usable blender you might ever see.

Important features:

  • 2 peak horsepower motor.
  • Variable speed controlling up to 10.
  • 6 feet cord.
  • 64-ounce container.
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection.
  • Creates heat.


Vitamix standard blender is a certified refurbished form of Vitamix 5200. Certified refurbished means a used product that was returned within a few days to buy another or because of getting deflected from the product. 

The reconditioned process is always applied on the base and blades for which manufacturers go with the very strict process to examine those again; though these two things are renewed except all other needed accessories.

Container, temper, lid & plug and cookbook all these things are given new and have a warranty of the blender almost 5-year. This Vitamix standard blender has got a better blending quality, maybe a little bit better than Vitamix 5200. 

This certified blender is famous for making smooth smoothies. The blender is versatile; you can crush ice, make a dough, pureeing, grinding and even this can make hot soup.

Overall, it has literally every cook function to do your work done. Most buyers of this blender got a problem of black fleck issues which will be fine after using 2-3 months. 

This is a problem which can be solved by time. In fact, it wouldn’t matter comparing how the product can give. Like the better late than never, for this blender, this should be better wait than never.

And finally, one thing should be mentioned that this certified blender has 30 days guarantee which makes you forward to buy. 

Additionally, the price is lower than the Vitamix 5200. So, if you cannot go beyond the cost of Vitamix 5200, then you have this certified refurbished blender as a great option.



7. Vitamix s50 blender

Top 6 Best Vitamix blender of 2020: Why worth buying one of them? 7Vitamix S50 personal blender reviews

Vitamix S50 personal blender has become such a statewide product for its uniqueness. Easy to use as well as blending juice, soup, batter, sauces, dough, dessert, and smoothies make it more valuable. Well functional and better exterior design both optimize following it to the consumer.

Important features:

  • Two Container 40 oz and 20 oz.
  • Low Profile Temper.
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • Interchangeable Blade Base.
  • Personal Blending Book.


This Vitamix can be a magical blender for those who want a blender to have all the job done. It comes with two containers 40 oz that helps to make soups, sauces and more small family meals and 20 oz. can be used as an instant cup. 20 oz container is known as a travel cup. 

In case you go somewhere and you need to cook. That little container will help you out from the crisis. However, this Vitamix s50 blender features two pre-programmed settings that make the blender more convenient and consistent when in use. 

What’s the benefit of having a pre-programmed setting? It turns off the blending automatically when the cycle has completed. Besides, you are gonna get variable speed control and pulse features including the S50 cookbook.

This high performance s series blender is all top-rack dishwasher safe. interchangeable blade base keeps you worry-free from changing blades again after a longing time. So, it’s better in this way. The sharp blades can chop off anything you throw at the blender. 

Yet, cleaning is way too easy in this s50 blender. The truth is it has an expensive price and people who are looking for this often get surprised. Whatever the price, it doesn’t get with the features of the blender. Moreover, the capacity of the container isn’t that large. Still and all, there is an advantage of using the blender when you get a travel cup from the Vitamix s50 s series blender. 

Except for the high range price and some considerable options, it is actually a better deal when buying. Enlist it on your buying session if you are interested in this beautiful and dainty Vitamix blender.



The Vitamix Blender Buying Guide

To buy any electronic product buyers get confused almost every time and it enhances their anxiety and trouble. We want to reduce that trouble by giving the buyers’ product review let alone the short buying guide to know at least the very product they are buying. 

We need a kitchen to cook and to do that we use kitchen appliances to have done the cook easily. Like for making juice, drinks, smoothies, veggie and many cook things, we use a blender. And we come with Ninja blender to fulfill your purpose. 

Why ninja blender? We’ve already explained that before. We are going to give a short and almost determined buying guide which will work for you that we heartily hope.

➤ What kind of blender do you need?

Basically, there are two types of blender. One is Countertop blender and the other is Hand blender.

A countertop blender is more likely a regular kind of blender used in a kitchen. Hand blender does that too. So what’s the difference then? 

The difference is countertop blender has a base and motor which produced power. The blade of the blender is connected to the motor while the base works on switches which allows the cook or user to maintain the speed of blending as well as other options and functions. These kinds of blender especially useful for grinding, doughing as well as other hard functionalities.

And another hand blender is mainly called immersion blender. It is a cheap and portable blender. It has an electric motor inside which empowers the blade to blend. It is a handy device running either on batteries or on a chord.

➤ Things to consider before buying a blender:

To choose a blender which saves your time and effort is difficult. Before going to choose a blender, you should know some concepts about a blender’s internal system which we called processor as well as materials. 

You may know that the blender’s external is best for liquid while the internal processor is best for other solids. We research this and make a list of this process.

☛ Power

If you are thinking power doesn’t make the blender stronger, buddy, sorry, you are wrong. You cannot even crush ice to snow, grind nuts, beans or pulverize any ingredients if your blender’s power is less than 1500 wattage. Moreover, it gives the blender an extra lifetime.

☛ Multiple speeds

There are blenders that have many speeds options including others. There are three kinds of speed you need- Low, High, and Pulse. These speeds are enough to make smoothies, pureeing, butter, etc.

☛ Features

You should check out features to know a blender exterior or interior. Some blenders have Auto-IQ technology [the tech maintains timing and has brilliant blending program which depends only one click option], some have total crushing technology and other easy-helping functions i.e. auto spiralizer, so on. 

Better features give you more easy-hook with blender, though it will cost you. The techs are supposed to be lessening your efforts, time while giving you durability, efficiency and Nowadays, better technologies are used in a blender within a budget-cost.

☛ Pitcher

Every compartment is important and it does matter having using them. You should look for a blender in which the pitcher’s size is 72 oz or larger than 60 oz pitcher only if you are going to use a blender for blending or cooking as for a family-sized meal. In that case, you’ll have to use large batches.

And as for personal use, you should use a single-serve smoothie blender in which you can make out a meal in a small batch.

☛ BPA-free

What is the meaning of BPA-free? BPA means bisphenol-A which is an industrial chemical used in plastics. If it seeps into the food or ingredients from the container or jar, it may affect our health, on the brain or behavior, heart problem and etc. 

As safety is our first choice, all products reviewed are BPA-free. So, you can rely on given products.

☛ Warranty

All machinery products should ensure the warranty to the buyers. There are warranty like three months, six months of the product, if it is, you can choose another one which is better for you. 

After the end of the warranty-time, if your product gets broken, you need to pay for reinstallment or the parts and service.

➤ Proper blender care:

Every machinery product has to be taken care of properly. It enriches the machine’s durability, long-lasting use, and long-lasting efficiency. Here we are giving you some tips on how to properly care for a blender.

  1. At first, use it according to its special purpose. If it’s not designed to do crushing, pulverizing ice or grinding nuts, you should stop there, don’t even try forcing it to do so.
  2. Every time you use it, check that the parts are fitted well. Otherwise, it could make the lid off it while using or damage the blender.
  3. Clean the blender every time you use it.
  4. After washing the blender, dye it properly or you can use a soft cloth to clean out the moisture.
  5. While running the machine, don’t move it to another place.


We all want the best thing when it’s about home appliances. The best Vitamix blender is the way of representing our values in words. Read thoroughly and if anything to ask or to know, we are always here to help you out.

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